Me Tawk Funny by Neil McFarlane – Book Review

Me Tawk Funny by Neil McFarlane – Book Review

Me Tawk Funny by neil McFarlane

Me Tawk Funny

Author – Neil McFarlane
Pages – 25
Released – 10th February 2015
Format – ebook, audio
Reviewer – Ellwyn
Rating – 3 Stars
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How did Hector’s dog start talking?

Hector Dumble thinks he’s dumb. When his dog Buster starts talking to him, Hector begins to think he’s crazy too.

Things become even stranger when Hector learns that his teacher Mr Weazel has a secret identity.

How will Hector handle having a dog that can talk and a teacher who wants to take over the world?

Find out in this shaggy dog story for kids aged 6 to 13.

New one review witch 2017

Me Tawk Funny tells the incredible story of Hector Dumble and his talking dog Buster.

Hector Dumble is an active boy who dislikes doing his school work and his teacher Mr. Weasel hurts with the situation. As a result, Hector is in the bottom of his class.

One day Buster finds, Professor Evil, the neighborhood villain, stealing a super intelligence potion and chases after him. While running away, Professor Evil drops the potion and Buster drinks it. The potion’s side effects increase Buster’s intelligence and allow him to speak. Before long, Buster is attending school with Hector and helping their family with difficult household tasks. On the news one day, someone reports that Professor Evil is robbing a bank. Buster rushes to the scene and stops the evil villain but suffers from an unforeseen consequence.

This story has all the classic elements of a good tale: heroes, villains, conflict, and a nice clean ending. The evolution of Hector and Buster’s relationship is endearing and holds an important message. Buster’s selfless bravery and Hector’s self-discovery set a positive example for young readers that will resonate and hopefully inspire them to work hard in school.

That being said, I was a little dissatisfied with the pacing and the character development. Several key components were revealed too early or not woven into the story effectively. I questioned how Buster knew pertinent information and found some of his knowledge too technical for children.

Reviewed by Ellwyn

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