Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs! by Frank Mastropolo – Book Review

Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs! by Frank Mastropolo – Book Review

Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs by Frank Mastropolo

Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs!

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What happens when a snarky kid drags his no-tech parents kicking and screaming into the 21st century? He writes a book about it!

This whiz kid can handle every new piece of technology out there but he’s unable to teach his Mom and Dad to use email, social media, Zoom calls, voice mail, social media, smartphones, and streaming music.

Mom is baffled by low-fat, fat-free, and two percent milk; she asks, “What’s in the other 98 percent?” Dad refuses to use GPS. He says, “Great, now I have two women telling me how to drive.”

If you like wisecracking humor about a kid and his clueless parents, you’ll love this laugh-out-loud quick read! Illustrated with hilarious photo-cartoons, Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs! will bring the funny to your whole family.

Review by George

You might be tempted to think that a book titled Mom and Dad Are Dinosaurs! is a book for children. It isn’t. Instead, it’s billed as “humor for no-tech parents with high-tech kids.” Yet, that premise seems more appropriate for twenty years ago, as parents today are likely to have been the high-tech kids back then.

In the 2020s, parents often match their kids in technological sophistication, and if anyone is lagging behind, its grandparents. Parts of the book are genuinely funny, such as the comment, “…shouting at Dad like Gordon Ramsey demolishing a poor chef who just ruined a tiramisu.” But other parts are what I consider mean-spirited jibes lambasting the parents for things like being overweight, lack of financial sophistication, and poor academic performance, none of which have much of anything to do with technology.

You’ll find some gems in Mom and Dad are Dinosaurs!, but you’ll have to wade through several sections that I personally found less than humorous. It’s a short book, so you won’t waste too much time in the haystack looking for needles.

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Frank Mastropolo is the author of Fillmore East: The Venue That Changed Rock Music Forever, one of Best Classic Bands’ Best Music Books of 2021; New York Groove: An Inside Look at the Stars, Shows, and Songs That Make NYC Rock; Ghost Signs: Clues to Downtown New York’s Past, winner of the 2021 Independent Publishers Book Award; and Ghost Signs 2: Clues to Uptown New York’s Past.

Mastropolo is a journalist, photographer, and former ABC News 20/20 producer, winner of the Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University silver baton. His photography is featured in the Bill Graham Rock & Roll Revolution exhibition.

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