My Killer by Gary Sherbell – Book Review

My Killer by Gary Sherbell – Book Review

My Killer by Gary Sherbell

My Killer
A Supernatural Crime Thriller

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Joel Marcus, a young, successful Manhattan DA, stuck in a loveless marriage, is with his beautiful DA girlfriend when he rescues an elderly Haitian woman from muggers. She rewards him with a voodoo ceremony. Now when he dies, his spirit will survive and pass into the one nearest him.

When he is, in fact, soon murdered, his spirit does pass into the one nearest him: the black hitman who murdered him. While trying to convince loved ones he’s still alive, he’s being sought by the police as the prime suspect in his own murder. At the same time, he’s in a unique position to learn who the real murderer is—the one who paid for the hit. He’s also in a unique position to learn, as a white man, what it’s like to be a black man in today’s America.

Review by Stacey

My Killer is a supernatural thriller novella set in New York. At the beginning of the book we meet gang member Henry Nance as he is stopped by two NYPD officers. Henry is carry a concealed weapon and knowing he is going to be arrested for having it he shoots at the officers injuring one of them.

The book then moves forward by a year and Henry is found guilty of shooting the officer and sent to prison. People don’t believe Henry was given a fair trial and blame the DA Joel, who not long after is gunned down. Joel however, recently saved an elderly lady from muggers and she puts a voodoo spell on him that makes his spirit travel to the nearest person when he dies, so now Joel, a white lawyer, is in the body of the black gunman.

My Killer has an intriguing synopsis so I was eager to read it. The book was a real mix bag for me though. I loved the plot and the supernatural element. I loved how a white man from the upper classes was now in the body of a black man who was on the opposite side of the law and how the author navigated these scenes. However, there were a few things that I was less keen on, such as, the book was too slow for a novella as the main plot starts 36% of the way through. Plus, there were a few minor things irked me such as every character mentioned we are told their age when it really wasn’t relevant most of the time.

Overall, it is a decent thriller with a supernatural twist which was enjoyable. It is a quick read and I found being in the mind of someone in someone else’s body interesting which in turn kept me entertained.

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