On by Carly Oberon – Book Review

On by Carly Oberon – Book Review

On by Carly Oberon

Off-On Duet Book 2

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***The OFF-ON duet must be read in order. Please read OFF before ON.

Maysea (Sea) Heston is kidnapped. She finds herself in a foreign country with her captor, Del, an insanely handsome, obsessively attentive man who is mistaking Sea for the love of his life, a woman he calls Baby. When Del uses Baby’s real name, Bayley Beale Tyler, Sea is stunned and confused. She recognizes the name as one she has heard before. But where?

Sea’s need to find out the truth about her captivity is complicated by her growing love for Del, a man who savors her, lusts after her, and shows her the sides of life she has never experienced before. But all the while thinking she is Baby. As Sea searches for the truth, will her discoveries bring them together or tear them apart forever?

Review by George

This sequel to Off picks up where we left Maysea Heston at the end of that book. Recall she’s been snatched at an airport and whisked off to a remote seaside estate in a foreign country she deduces is Brazil. She dubs her captor “Del.” Del thinks she’s someone he calls “Baby,” and Maysea plays along. It isn’t long before she goes from trying to escape from Del to falling in love with him. The cliffhanger: Del inadvertently gives her a clue to “Baby’s” real identity.

With that background, ‘On’ continues the story. Maysea wants to help Del realize that she isn’t the woman he thinks she is, realizing that in doing so, she may lose him forever.

‘On’ is a short book, and it would have been better as concluding chapters to Off. What makes it (sort of) book-length is the addition of several steamy sex scenes that almost push it into the realm of erotica. It’s enjoyable enough, but it has less substance than its predecessor.

Being essentially a continuation rather than a true sequel, you really must first read Off. Otherwise, On will make little sense. If you have read, Off, you’ll want to read ‘On’ to wrap up the story, but the sequel isn’t as engaging as the original.

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