Secrets and Spies by Anita Ganeri – Book Review

Secrets and Spies by Anita Ganeri – Book Review

Secrets and Spies by Anita Ganeri

Secrets and Spies
The Underground World of Espionage

Author – Anita Ganeri
Illustrator – Luke Brookes
Publisher – Little Tiger Press
Pages – 72
Released – 7th September 2021
ISBN-13 – 978-1838913618
Format – hardcover
Rating – 5 Stars
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Prepare to go undercover and enter a world of secret missions, covert operations and classified information. Explore the history of espionage from ancient secret agents to modern-day surveillance, and read about the lives of infamous spies and their missions.

Learn the language of spies and how to read codes and ciphers, then ask yourself the all-important question – could you be a spy? An exploration of a hugely popular subject by the author of the best-selling ‘Horrible Geography series.

Review by Stacey

Secrets and Spies: The Underground World of Espionage is a children’s non-fiction book which as you may have guessed from the title is all about spies and spying. The book provides information on what spying is as well as some of the most famous spies in both the real world and the fictional world, plus, gadgets that have been used throughout history, closing with spying in the present era.

The book is written in chronological order and begins in the ‘Ancient World’ where spies have been recognised as early as the 4th century especially in places like Greece, Egypt, China, and Italy.

The book moves through time including Medieval times, the Tudor period, and the World Wars.

Some of the people that caught my eye were, Julie Child who invented a shark repellent to stop sharks accidentally setting off bombs intended for German U-boats, and Juan Pujol Garcia (AKA Garbo), who after being turned down by the British Secret Service to spy for them, he approaches the Germans and they accept his offer, however, he wasn’t really spying for them he was giving them misinformation, he didn’t even step foot in Britain until the British found out what he was up to and recruited him. After the war, he moved to Venezuela and opened a book shop.

The book has been written in a comic book style with bright colourful illustrations adorning every page. The information has been broken up into small passages making it easy to read and hopefully easier for the facts to sink in.

I adored Secrets and Spies: The Underground World of Espionage, I loved gaining so much knowledge and of course, with James Bond being the movie of the moment, I am sure children will be eager to read about spies and spying, plus, there is a section on Bond and the author of the books Ian Fleming too for them to enjoy.

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Author Info

Anita Ganeri is an award-winning author of children’s information books, including the best-selling ‘Horrible Geography’ series (Scholastic Children’s Book). In 2009, she won the Blue Peter Best Book with Facts Award for the title ‘Planet in Peril’.

She loved researching and writing ’Secrets and Spies’, although she doesn’t think that the world of espionage is really for her, as she’d probably get her aliases mixed up.

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