Shumi: The Dwarf Hamster by Denisa Rosca – Book Review

Shumi: The Dwarf Hamster by Denisa Rosca – Book Review

Shumi The Dwarf Hamster by Denisa Rosca

Shumi: The Dwarf Hamster by – Book Review

Author – Denisa Rosca
Illustrator – Adela Maria Calistru
Pages – 52
Released – 26th March 2021
ISBN-13 – 978-9730340464
Format – ebook, paperback
Rating – 4 Stars
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Even the smallest can become anything they choose in this fun-tastical fable about following your dreams.

An unfortunate turn of events places Shumi in the heart of Purple City. Here, our hero encounters a cast of unforgettable characters and faces great obstacles in his quest to see his dreams come true.

As the sun and the moon exchange places,
Shumi disappears into a sea of faces.
He searches for a place to sleep,
and perhaps even, a place to weep.

Review by Stacey

Shumi: The Dwarf Hamster is a children’s picture book following the life of a tiny grey hamster with little black eyes called Shumi. He lives with his owner Ellie. Ellie also has a cat called Pat. When Shumi discovers a secret of Pat’s the cat wants to get rid of him. Shumi decides to leave as he fears the family will get rid of him eventually, and so he sets off alone to face the world, the unknown world he’s never seen before.

The story is told in a rhyming and repetition style which is perfect for new readers and which I am a big fan of as I feel that children engage more with the book when it is written in this way. The plot is heart-warming and I can see children feeling sorry for little Shumi when Pat launches his attack.

The full-page bright watercolour illustrations are delightful to look at and bring the story to life. They showcase all the emotions that Shumi goes through along his journey and the animals he meets.

This is an adorable book that will teach children a few life lessons, especially about diversity and fitting in. As well as learning about different emotions. It is the perfect story for a bedtime read or class story-time.

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Author Info

Denisa Rosca shumi

Denisa Rosca is an award-winning poet and visual artist. She is also the author, editor, art director, and publisher behind Shumi: The Dwarf Hamster.

The author credits her love for storytelling to her mother and grandmother who used to read stories to her every night. She also thanks her mother for never failing to remind her that their home was more akin to a zoo than a house, perpetually inhabited by creatures of various sizes, shapes, and smells.

Deeply fond of animals, she often prefers the company of her non-speaking friends, drawing inspiration from their interactions, turning them into unforgettable characters, and creating new and captivating worlds around them.

The author has a BA in Journalism from the University of Westminster and has spent the last decade acquiring an uncanny skill-set from her former days as a radio and TV presenter, retail salesperson, food photographer, and digital marketer.

Her latest book is a re-adaptation of her debut children’s book published exactly ten years ago.

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