Sisterhood by Carol Ann Moore – Book Review

Sisterhood by Carol Ann Moore – Book Review

Sisterhood by Carol Ann Moore


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Seven women ★★★ One will make amends ★★★Six will seek revenge

Aella had found them all again. The question was could she help them and in return, would they rise to the ultimate challenge?

Misogyny comes in many forms, but then so does vengeance.

Seven women’s stories, all different but achingly familiar.

Which one will resonate with you?

★★★Take a magical journey of Sisterhood, together we are unstoppable ★★★

Review by Stacey

Females – If you ever wanted a book that makes you feel empowered as a woman then this book is for you. Sisterhood follows seven women who all have their own struggles. They are brought together by our protagonist, Witch Aella Saluagius, who runs a second-hand shop to form a coven.

The plot begins with a young woman called Irin who is having problems with her boyfriend. He treats her like she is one of his possessions and knocks her about. When she sees a small black bag in the second-hand shop window she is instantly drawn to it. Aella tells her she can have it for free but once it has done what it sets out to she is to return it. I’ll leave you to contemplate what happens to her boyfriend Davey.

The story then goes back in time as Aella explains to Irin about her childhood and her gift. This does go on for quite a few chapters but it is integral to the plight of the women and the comeuppance for the men they seek revenge on.

Sisterhood is a magical story that brings together different women who all have complex and disturbing issues in their private lives and empowers them to love themselves, with a little help from Aella and her magical powers enacting revenge on those who have caused the women pain.

It is certainly an imaginative story. It was a page-turner for me and I rushed through it in just two sittings. The women’s stories all came across realistic and unfortunately all too common. It is both an enjoyable read and a poignant one too, it also leaves you feeling uplifted.

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Carol Ann Moore


I am originally from a small market town in the South of England but a few years ago, my husband and I upped sticks and left Blighty for rugged and rural France. We’d had enough of the rat race and decided to jump, with both feet, into a different, but much simpler existence.

In my previous life, I was an English teacher to students who needed a bit of extra help to learn. I loved my job, the students being the highlight of my days.

Nowadays my time is spent writing, sporadically helping my husband renovate our old stone farmhouse, and looking after two enormous dogs. The amount of dribble I wipe up on a daily basis is remarkable, from the dogs, not my husband!

I’ve always adored reading and storytelling. With a book you’re never bored, you can escape into it wherever you may be. I am passionate about telling women’s stories, our voices have been muted for too long, hopefully, I can do them justice.

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