Snowflakes and Sparks by Sophie-Leigh Robbins – Book Review

Snowflakes and Sparks by Sophie-Leigh Robbins – Book Review

Snowflakes and Sparks by Sophie-leigh Robbins

Snowflakes and Sparks
Old Pine Cover Series Book One

Author – Sophie-Leigh Robbins
Publisher – Got It Covered Press
Pages – 240
Released – 24th September 2019
ISBN-13 – 978-1691248278
Format – ebook, paperback
Review by – Stacey
Rating – 4 Stars
I received a free copy of this book.
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The best fake snow decorations in L.A.? Done by Suzie.

About to get a promotion? Also Suzie.

Sent to a sleepy small town right before Christmas to save a bookstore? Unfortunately, Suzie again.

Old Pine Cove is the one place on earth Suzie swore she’d never return to, but then her boss asks her to manage one of their bookstores there. Since it’s only temporary, she agrees. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?

Gosh, how naïve of her.

Alex Denverton opening the door with that smoldering look of his, that’s what could go wrong. It’s been ten years since she broke his car and his heart. How is she supposed to focus on work knowing he’s right next door? And why did she even agree to organize the annual Winter Walk with him?

One thing is certain, though. If Suzie wants to have a magical Christmas, she can’t ask Santa to make it happen. It’s up to her to decide: go big or go home.

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Suzie works for Got it Covered book store in L.A. She adores working there, especially as the manager will soon be retiring and she has been informed that she is next in line to take over. When the manager of the store in Old Pine Cove, Wisconsin tragically dies in an accident the company needs a replacement and fast and so Suzie is offered the role, temporarily.

Suzie doesn’t really want to go as she has a history with the town, an accident that caused the villagers of Old Pine Cove to turn against her and she hasn’t stepped foot in the place in ten years, but she also knows that helping out the company could help make sure she gets the manager position in L.A.

Suzie hopes that the residents won’t recognise her and that Alex Denverton, the gorgeous hunk she had a crush on and left behind all those years ago has moved on. Unfortunately, luck isn’t on her side. The residents remember her very well and Alex just happens to be her new neighbour. At least she won’t be in Old Pine Cove long, right?

If you love those cheesy, Christmas movies that pop up each year on Sky TV then you will love this book. Snowflakes and Sparks is an entertaining, festive read that I enjoyed far more than I thought I was going to. I’m not a big lover of the whole will they won’t they plot normally but this one held my attention throughout and Old Pine Cove is such a beautiful place and Ms. Robbin’s descriptive skills brought the town to life.

Suzie had more going for her than I was expecting, although she did like to jump to a lot of conclusions very quickly without much evidence. Alex is such a sweet-heart. Tall, handsome, charismatic and well-loved by everyone.

The plot was enjoyable, even if I’d worked big chunks of it out within a few chapters, I was still eager to see if I was right and how it played out.

If you are after a book to get you in the festive spirit then this certainly will. It has lashings of hot chocolate, plenty of snow and everyone is Christmas Mad.

Book Reviewer – Stacey

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About the Author

Sophie-Leigh Robbins Snowflakes and Sparks

Sophie-Leigh Robbins writes feel-good Romantic Comedies. She grew up reading every book she could get her hands on, especially The Baby-Sitters Club. By the time she was 10 years old, she was having loads of fun writing her own stories.

At 23, she became a freelance writer for corporations, magazines and television. Sophie now works as a full-time author and narrative game designer.


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12 Responses

  1. Ruby @ Ruby's Books says:

    Great review, Stacey! This sounds like such a cute story, perfect for the holiday season. I am guilty of enjoying cheesy Christmas movies far too much, so I’m certain this book is just as cute. I’m adding it to my TBR. Happy reading!

  2. It sounds adorable and something I would enjoy! I love sugary sweet holiday reads this time of year.

  3. DJ Sakata says:

    Suzie sounds busy

  4. Finitha Jose says:

    Sounds like I will love this. Great review Stacey

  5. Heidi says:

    That cover is adorable!

  6. Great review Stacey, I love Christmas romance books and this one looks and sounds my kind of book that I would so love and enjoy reading during the holiday season. I’m really glad you fully enjoyed reading this book. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

  7. Glad you like the sound of the book. Hope you enjoy it too.

  8. Glad to hear it is something you would enjoy.

  9. She most certainly is.

  10. Wonderful, I hope you get to read it then.

  11. I agree it really is.

  12. Thank you. I’m glad you like the look of the book.