The Big Dig by Sally Garland – Book Review

The Big Dig by Sally Garland – Book Review

The Big Dig by Sally Garland

The Big Dig

Author – Sally Garland
Publisher – Willow Tree Books
Pages – 32
Released – 1st September 2018
ISBN-13 – 978-1787004511
Format – ebook, paperback
Review by – Stacey
Rating – 4 Stars
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Sharing leads to an amazing discovery in this charming friendship story with a surprise dinosaur ending.

When Tig uses a stick to draw in the snow, she notices something strange and interesting sticking out of the ground. Best friends Tig and Tog must learn to share and work together to dig the thing out – and the stick just isn’t enough for the job!

A tale of friendship, teamwork and learning to share.

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The Big Dig is one of those books that I am in two minds about as some sections are baffling. The tale is about two little bears called Tig and Tog who have been playing in the snow. Tig has a stick and she doesn’t want Tog to play with it so she walks off and starts digging in the ground with it leaving Tog all alone.

That is until she finds something in the ground and needs Tog’s help. The book is very sweet, has amazing full-page illustrations and tells a very lovely tale of friendship, sharing and being kind.

The writing is kept to a minimum and there are two different fonts used, one for the story and one for when they need stronger and bigger items to help them dig.

However, I am a little confused with a couple of sections such as when Tig needs help digging, Tog produces a spoon out of his pocket – did he really just happen to have a metal spoon in his pocket? Then the ground is covered in snow but nothing else is including the sandpit, playground equipment, etc. Lastly, these two bears come across as little pups, but then as they need bigger and stronger items to dig their hole Tog suddenly appears driving a big yellow digger.

Perhaps I’m overthinking and it is the adult in me, but I expected them to have some help and to see an adult bear driving the digger. I don’t think young children will even notice this though so perhaps I am being a little harsh on the book, which is why I haven’t lowered my rating because of these sections.

I believe it would make a lovely book to have at home or even for use in the school class to teach children about sharing.

Book Reviewer – Stacey

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About the Author

Sally Garland’s colourful, quirky style is perfect for children’s book illustration. She was born in Hereford, England, but her family moved up to the Highlands of Scotland when she was three.

A childhood of drawing was followed by four years at Edinburgh College of Art studying Illustration and Graphic Design. Sally is inspired by the chaotic, imaginative world of childhood. In her free time she enjoys her book club, movies and walking.

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