The Fish that Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansbro – Book Review

The Fish that Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansbro – Book Review

The Fish that Climbed a Tree by Kevin Ansboro

The Fish that Climbed a Tree

Author – Kevin Ansbro
Publisher – 2QT Limited
Pages – 364
Release Date – 7th December 2018
ISBN 13 – 978-1912014323
Format – ebook, paperback
Reviewer – Cara
Rating – 4 Stars
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Following his savage murder in a London vicarage, Reverend Ulysses Drummond embarks on an epic odyssey in the afterlife, wrestling with his conscience and misguidedly spurning the obvious advantages of a free ticket to Paradise.

His ten-year-old son, Henry, is left to muddle through life, encountering school bullies, big-hearted benefactors and cold-blooded killers on his passage to adulthood.

Will Henry find love, success and happiness in his life – or will he suffer the cruel and agonising death that was foretold?

Review 2017

Reverend Ulysses is a man who sees nothing but good in everyone, unfortunately, this is what leads to his premature death.

Ulysses and Florence Drummond are brutally murdered at their vicarage in London on their son Henry’s tenth birthday. The pair refuse to cross over into the light as they need to make sure Henry is okay and cared for. Their killers are never charged.

Determined to keep a promise he made to his son Henry the day he was born, Ulysses finds himself in a world between the living and paradise, watching Henry as he continues life into adulthood as Florence eventually feels the pull of the light and leaves him to roam the world alone.

The main character in our book is Henry Drummond. Henry is seen as the ‘weird child’ after his parents were murdered. However, he grew up with a determination to put his parent’s killers behind bars and will do what he can to make this happen using his journalist career to make the police re-open the case.

I found The Fish that climbed a Tree to be a very good read with lovable characters and a fairly satisfying outcome (although I do find myself with one unanswered question).

I like the layout of the book where we can follow Henry as he grows up and also follow his mum and dad as they watch on.

I found myself caring about the good characters, as well as intensely disliking the bad. It will make you laugh and will certainly make you cry. There are some references to violence which can be slightly disturbing but with how the story is written the author doesn’t go into too much detail, making it easy to read and not leave you feeling uncomfortable.

I loved all the historical and literary characters that pop-up throughout and the look of the afterlife isn’t too bad either. This is essentially a good vs evil book with elements of fantasy, sci-fi and even a ghost story.

The Fish That Climbed the Tree Is an interesting book and not one I have really come across before, it is certainly unique and I will remember it for a long time to come.

Book Reviewer – Cara

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About the Author

Kevin Ansbro The Fish that Climbed a Tree

I was born of Irish parents, and have lived in Malaysia and Germany:

My formal education was at Hamond’s Grammar School in Swaffham, and at the Norfolk College of Arts and Technology (Stephen Fry being a much more famous former student).

I write in the magical realism genre, meshing otherworldliness into the harshness of our real world. I also like to handcuff humour and tragedy to the same radiator.

Perhaps incongruously for an author, I have a background in karate and kickboxing. I also travel extensively – particularly in the Far East.

I’m married (to Julie), and currently live in Norwich, England.

Stuff about me: I’m a foodie and an avid reader; I value good manners, love and friendship above all else; I am constantly putting my foot in it, am reputed to have a wicked sense of humour and love to laugh, but sometimes do that ‘snorty pig’ noise when I do!

I’m also easy-going and extremely friendly. Come on over and have a chat – I’ll put the kettle on!

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10 Responses

  1. Sounds like the character development was A+, great review!

  2. Emma Mane says:

    Great review. It certainly looks different.

  3. Katie @ Book Ink Reviews says:

    Oooh. This one looks different, but absolutely well done. I like the idea that they start out together and then Florance leaves him for paradise, too.

  4. DJ Sakata says:

    I was expecting this to be a children’s book

  5. Kathy West says:

    That is a very interesting title.