The Hidden Storyteller by Mandy Robotham – Book Review

The Hidden Storyteller by Mandy Robotham – Book Review

The Hidden Storyteller by Mandy Robotham

The Hidden Storyteller

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The war is over. But there are still secrets to be found amidst the ashes . . .

Hamburg, 1946

The war is over, and Germany is in ruins. Posted to an Allied-run Hamburg, reporter Georgie Young returns to the country she fled seven years prior – at the onset of the conflict – to find it unrecognisable.

Amongst the stark horrors of a bombed-out city crumbling under the weight of millions of displaced souls, she discovers pockets of warmth: a violinist playing amidst the wreckage, couples dancing in the streets, and a nation trying to make amends.

Joining forces with local detective Harri Schroder to catch a killer targeting women on the city’s streets, curiosity draws Georgie deep into the dark underbelly, and she soon discovers that some secrets of war did not die with Hitler…

Review by Stacey

The Hidden Storyteller is set in post-war Hamburg, Germany, in 1946. It follows Georgie Young, a journalist returning to the country after seven years to write about people’s lives and their efforts to rebuild them after the war.

Georgie is robbed of her suitcase containing her work by a sixteen-year-old girl called Meta. After catching up with the thief, Georgie realises that luck may have just landed her someone she can work with.

Georgie also meets Detective Harri, who is investigating a serial killer known locally as The Puppet Master, preying on local women. With assistance from Georgie, Meta, and translator Zofia, this unlikely quartet becomes determined to bring the murderer to justice.

Upon starting The Hidden Storyteller, I discovered that Georgie Young was previously featured in Mandy Robotham’s novel, The Berlin Girl. While reading the earlier book adds depth to Georgie’s character, The Hidden Storyteller works perfectly well for new readers.

The story is told from the perspectives of Georgie, Meta, and Harri, with occasional insights from Max, Georgie’s husband. The narrative unfolds over a few weeks, capturing the era’s atmosphere vividly. The setting and characters authentically reflect the time period, immersing readers in post-war Germany, a time period not often written about.

This novel blends the detective thriller and historical fiction genres. It has a more measured pace than typical thrillers, yet it is faster and more gripping than most historical novels, keeping readers intrigued throughout.

Overall, The Hidden Storyteller is a compelling read for those who enjoy books with realistic, engaging characters and a richly atmospheric setting.

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Mandy Robotham is a Globe and Mail, USA Today, and UK, Canadian, US and Australian Kindle Top 100 bestseller. She has been an aspiring author from the age of nine, but was waylaid by journalism and later enticed by birth. She’s now a former midwife who writes about birth, death, love and everything else in between. She graduated with an MA in Creative Writing from Oxford Brookes University.

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