The Magician Next Door by Rachel Chivers Khoo – Book Review

The Magician Next Door by Rachel Chivers Khoo – Book Review

The Magician Next Door by Rachel Chivers Khoo

The Magician Next Door

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Late one night a flying house crash-lands in ten-year-old Callie’s garden. It is the home of magician Winnifred and all of her magical artefacts. Winnifred asks for Callie’s help finding her lost Wanderdust – until she realizes it is Callie’s sadness that is causing her malfunctioning magic.

With Winnifred’s most precious magical possessions at risk from malicious fairies and dangerous giants, can Callie and her friend Sam find the Wanderdust in time to save the magician?

Review by Stacey

The Magician Next Door is a captivating middle-grade story that follows the adventures of Callie, who has recently moved from London to Northern Ireland with her dad. Callie is struggling with homesickness and misses her best friend, Mia. Late one night Callie hears a loud crash outside and she sees an upside-down house and a woman. However, as soon as she sees them they disappear and all that is left is a hole in the ground.

Callie’s neighbour, Sam, also heard the noise and joins her in investigating the incident. Soon after, Winnifred the Magician contacts Callie, seeking her help. Winnifred’s wanderdust has malfunctioned, causing it to disappear, and she cannot travel in her magical house without it. She needs Callie and Sam to help her find it before the magic in her house runs out and Winnifred will be gone forever.

The Magician Next Door is an amazing story that covers a range of themes, including homesickness, grief, and the importance of making new friends. Callie is a fantastic character who grows as the story progresses and discovers her inner strength and courage. Sam is a delightful character, always eager for adventure and level-headed throughout. Winnifred is quite a worrisome magician but then I suppose if you were facing impending doom you would be too.

Overall, the story is absolutely wonderful. It is a quick read and alongside the remarkable plot are amazing black and white illustrations which will help children to visualise the characters and scenes perfectly. Hopefully, readers will find comfort in the story and help them realise the importance of friendship.

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Rachel Chivers Khoo

Rachel Chivers Khoo

was born in 1990 in Belfast. Growing up, my greatest wish was to become a published children’s author. Now that wish has come true, I’m planning on making more wishes… possibly involving a puppy or a lifetime’s supply of cinnamon buns.

I studied English Literature at Trinity College, Oxford and have a Masters in Creative Writing from Queen’s University, Belfast. I previously worked in book publishing, and wrote my debut, The Wishkeeper’s Apprentice, during maternity leave.

I live in Oxford with my husband, two young sons and far too many books.

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