The Rise of a Golden Lion by Michael Feng – Book Review

The Rise of a Golden Lion by Michael Feng – Book Review

The Rise of a Golden Lion by Michael Feng

The Rise of a Golden Lion

Author – Michael Feng
Publisher – Partridge Publishing Singapore
Pages – 212
Released – 9th March 2021
ISBN-13 – 978-1543762228
Format – ebook, paperback, hardcover
Rating – 4 Stars
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Ranford Tremble has never wanted anything more than being a normal person. He is no guardian of the city or savior of the world. The very idea of these things bothers him. However, fate soon decides otherwise.

After getting involved in a strange experiment and a bizarre kidnapping, he begins to speculate about what lies beneath the surface of people’s everyday lives. Multiple choices branch out in front of him. He must choose cautiously, for each decision will alter his course dramatically. In the end, Ranford finds himself facing an army of formidable forces that threaten to burn down everything he loves. Will he finally don the cape and save his city?

Review by Stacey

At just twelve years old author Michael Feng has written a Sci-Fi, action, adventure novel that he certainly should be very proud of and given all the glowing five-star reviews it would seem he has managed to create a buzz around his book.

Children who love superhero, sci-fi cross-overs will adore this book in which protagonist Ranford Tremble goes from being a normal person to one that is meant to save the world, that’s after he has worked out how to use his powers properly.

The writing is a little basic and reminded me of the way children write stories when they are at school, but, I actually expected it to be written like this given it is Michael’s first book. As he matures and writes more this will improve. However, as this is a book written by a child for children it will most likely suit them perfectly and speak at their level.

The Rise of a Golden Lion is the perfect length not to over faze the target readers. It has a clear set-out plot that was easy to read and understand. It doesn’t contain any violence, or bad language, what it does have are amusing and relatable characters and a wonderful storyline. This is a book that children can become fully invested in and it will keep them entertained the whole way through.

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Author Info

Michael Feng is from Taiwan. He lived in Boston up until he was three when he moved to Hong Kong due to his father’s job transition. His global vision was gradually broadened. At the age of six, he developed a strong passion for story writing and began composing short stories. He has dreamed of becoming an author ever since then.

When Michael was seven, he suffered from HSP, an immune system disease, for half a year. He then began his journey as a homeschooler. After getting rid of his busy school life, he was blessed with more time to pursue his interests: reading and writing. He read over a hundred books in a single month during his illness. Some of his favorite reads include the Famous Five series, the Harry Potter series, the Percy Jackson series, the Inheritance Cycle, the Sherlock Holmes series, and the works of Jules Verne. His favorite movie series include the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe, and the X-Men movies.

He has always wondered why there isn’t a classic superhero book series suitable for children—most adult ones include graphic violence, swearing, and sexual content. Thus, he began to develop a new breed of heroes himself and published his debut novel—The Rise of a Golden Lion—when he was twelve.

There will be four books in the series, which will be called “The SHRIKE series.” The first book introduces the mutation process of Golden Lion Man and his reluctant adventures. The second novel will be centered around Shark Man’s past and will be out in a few months. If you or your kids also like Marvel movies, but you hope to find something else to read aside from comic books, definitely check it out!

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