Tummy Rumble Quake by Heather L. Beal – Book Review

Tummy Rumble Quake by Heather L. Beal – Book Review

Tummy Rumble Quake by Heather L Beal

Tummy Rumble Quake

Author – Heather L. Beal
Publisher – Train 4 Safety Press
Pages – 28
Released – 1st August 2017
ISBN-13 – 978-0998791227
Format – ebook, paperback, hardcover
Reviewer – Stacey
Rating – 4 Stars
I received a free copy of this book
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Lily and Niko Rabbit’s childcare class is practicing for the Great ShakeOut. They learn that the Great ShakeOut helps prepare them for an earthquake. They also learn the basics of what causes an earthquake and how it causes things to fall and break. It also can sound like a really loud tummy rumble.

They also learn where they can go and what they should do (drop, cover, and hold on) to be safe inside buildings, outside, and in a car. At the end of the day they feel comfortable recognizing what an earthquake is and how to be safe should it happen.

Reading this book is a great way for parents, childcare providers, and caregivers, to talk to toddlers and preschool children about earthquake safety in a non-frightening way. Children can easily relate with these characters and their story gives children the tools and information they need to help stay safe and be prepared should an earthquake happen.

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Ms. Mandy from Forest Daycare is getting ready for Great ShakeOut (Earthquake drill), by checking the furniture to make sure it is stable.

Young rabbits, Lily and Niko are two inquisitive children who want to find out all about earthquakes, how they happen and what they should do in the event of one occurring.

Ms. Mandy teaches them about the plates under the sea and how they move together. She also explains about the noise that they make, like when their tummy rumbles, and that the children, if indoors, should drop, cover, hold.

Being in the UK, we don’t tend to get a lot of earthquakes that are sizeable to actually move items, and as far as I’m aware the highest magnitude ever recorded was 6.1, and this was out at sea and only felt in certain parts of the country. With this in mind, I don’t see this book being one that would become a household item, or read in schools here.

However, across the world lots of countries suffer from substantial earthquakes regularly. For children in those countries this book would be a great teaching method, helping young children to understand the importance of what to do when an earthquake hits.

The illustrations are both brightly coloured and full page size too, which really make the book stand out and very inviting.

The important information is written in a child friendly manner and will not scare a child, but help them learn a vital lesson that one day could just save their life. The story doesn’t only teach little ones what to do if they are indoors, but when out and in a car too.

Tummy Rumble Quake is a lovely little book. I don’t know what else is out there to help young children to understand what to do in an earthquake, but this book is short, to the point, looks good and is easy to understand.

Reviewed by Stacey

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About the Author

Heather L. Beal

Heather was raised to give 100% to every endeavor. Since her earliest experiences in Girl Scouts, numerous volunteer events and organizations, she has always sought to make a difference.

After graduating college, she served our country with 23 years of distinguished Naval service. Dedicated to self-improvement, she obtained masters degrees in Asian studies, conflict resolution, cyber security policy and emergency management while on active duty. She is qualified as a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) with the International Association of Emergency Mangers. She is currently working on a PhD in Emergency Management with a special study focus on childcare recovery.

As a working parent of two, she became aware of just how much of a gap existed in emergency preparedness and recovery training and resources for childcare providers and vowed to use her experiences, education, and more importantly, motivation, to help improve current limitations. In addition to publishing books to help teach children about what to do in case of disaster, she has also created a nonprofit, BLOCKS. BLOCKS’ mission is to help prepare childcare for disaster.

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Tummy Rumble Quake

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