The Wild World of Wiley and JuJu by Greg Walter – Book Review

The Wild World of Wiley and JuJu by Greg Walter – Book Review

The Wild World of Wiley and Juju by Greg Walter

The Wild World of Wiley and JuJu
Wiley and JuJu Go to the Library

Author – Greg Walter
Publisher – Halo Publishing International
Pages – 24
Released – 27th October 2020
ISBN-13 – 978-1612449296
Format – hardcover
Rating – 4 Stars
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Every child likes to have adventures, but what happens when things get out of control? In “The Wild World of Wiley and JuJu: Wiley and JuJu Go to the Library”, older sister JuJu is left to clean up the destruction caused by her frightened younger brother, Wiley.

While books are falling off shelves and scattering everywhere, JuJu scrambles to catch Wiley and convince him to rejoin storytime. Storytime is fun, especially when it’s about your favorite animal!

Review by Stacey

Wiley and Juju are staying at the library for storytime whilst their mum goes shopping. Not long into the story, Wiley starts to get bored and decides to go on an adventure in the library. He waits for his chance and then sneaks away. Juju see’s her little brother start to have fun on the shelves, under the shelves, and with the books but she can’t just leave as the librarian will notice.

Eventually, Juju sees her opportunity to leave and find her brother, but he has left a trail of mess. Can she tidy up after him and convince him to join the group before the librarian notices and tells their mum he was misbehaving?

For anyone who has ever had to run around after a younger sibling, you will probably have lived through stories like this. Both children in the book are very likeable. Wiley is just a young boy who craves adventure, he doesn’t want to sit still listening to a story, he wants to explore as all little kids do. Juju is the responsible one who loves her brother and wants to make sure he comes to no harm and tidy up after him.

The book is sweet and also features some colourful, full-page artwork showing the children and their time at the library, plus the mess Wiley makes.

I presume from the title that this is the first book in a planned series and I look forward to reading more about the children’s adventures.

Author Info

Greg Walter The Wild World of Wiley and JuJu

Greg Walter

– As a father of three children, six and under, Greg Walter spends every night watching movies or playing games that activate his children’s imaginations.

Greg’s first book, “The Wild World of Wiley and JuJu: Wiley and JuJu Go to the Library”, displays how siblings can have mischievous adventures while keeping each other out of trouble. Currently, Greg is a freelance basketball scout for professional teams overseas and resides in Maryland.

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