What Do You Do When You Go To The Park? by Stacy Totty – Book Review

What Do You Do When You Go To The Park? by Stacy Totty – Book Review

What Do You Do When You Go To the Park by Stacy Totty

What Do You Do When You Go To The Park?

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Imagine your child excited to read a book that entertains her while teaching how to play with friends and good social skills! This book will bring laughs to your child while encouraging them to get along with playmates. “What Do You Do When You Go To The Park?” uses adorable characters, along with a puppy and kitty cat, rhyming and humor to engage your child and create a love of reading. Includes Free downloadable activities!

This fun and educational book uses rhyme and illustrations to:

Encourages a child’s love of reading
Teaches all of the important things to do when going to a park
Gives parents a easy way to talk about how to treat other kids and friends
Shows the importance to children on how to socially interact and responsible things they should do
Begin guiding your child’s social growth today in an enjoyable, easy and educational way by getting your copy of “What Do You Do When You Go To The Park?”

Going to the park is a childhood favorite for kids! Stacy Totty uses rhyme and humor to introduce kids to good guidelines for socially interacting with other kids while having fun and playing at the park, and at the same time she demonstrates it’s okay to play your own way.

Review by Stacey

What Do You Do When You Go To The Park? is a delightful young children’s picture book that explores the experiences of children during their visits to the park.

The story is short, written using an extra-large font, and vibrant and colourful which will capture the attention of young readers. It is also told in a rhyming style which I love as I believe it helps children to grasp the story and words quicker, however, it does also mean that sometimes there are parts of the story that leave you wondering whether they were added just because they rhymed, such as the page with the purple hog.

The storyline imparts valuable lessons on proper behaviour at the park, emphasising the importance of responsible actions such as disposing of rubbish and promoting kindness. It would be lovely if this were true for all visitors to the park. Hopefully, this book will educate children that this is the right behaviour to have not only at the park but in general.

Overall, What Do You Do When You Go To The Park? succeeds in delivering an enjoyable, fun-filled story complete with adorable illustrations and educational an plot.

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Stacey Totty

Stacy Totty

Stacy has always loved writing and has now followed her dream to create a series of children’s books that are helpful to both parents and their kids. Stacy is a teacher and accountant but most importantly a mom and wife to her 4 kids, 2 bonus kids and her amazing husband.

She is planning to have 20+ titles in this series. When she is not parenting or writing, she loves to read, cook and jump rope. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite food is pizza.

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