Why You Should Start Reading on Wattpad by Sondi Warner – Guest Post

Why You Should Start Reading on Wattpad by Sondi Warner – Guest Post

Today we welcome author Sondi Warner with her guest post ‘Why You Should Start Reading on Wattpad’. Check out her post below and her book Lead Me Astray which was released in March 2022. This post contains affiliate links.

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Why You Should Start Reading on Wattpad

Readers like me know the struggle of satisfying a voracious appetite for books. We keep a novel or two on hand for those rare moments of inactivity throughout the day, allowing us to escape into another chapter. But what happens when we finish a book and there’s nothing else to read? Or when we can’t find a book that keeps our interest? That’s where Wattpad comes in. Wattpad is a free online platform where readers can find millions of exciting stories, with new ones being added all the time.

When I discovered the app, I felt like I had struck gold, with as many books as I could ever want suddenly at my fingertips. Even better, I could take my reading list with me on my mobile device to be accessed anytime, anywhere. I’m currently reading Ex-Husband Turned Boss by Denise Murira, a spicy second-chance romance that I can’t put down. The platform is ideal for discovering fresh and innovative voices pushing the boundaries of storytelling like this book does. Plus, I love supporting Wattpad’s talented writers because they combine skill and imagination to create exceptional reading experiences. Wattpad makes it so easy to connect with authors and other readers from all over the world.

If you are new to Wattpad, here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of the app:

Make your presence known

Signing up for Wattpad is easy. Complete your profile to connect with other readers and writers. Use the About tab to share your literary interests and the Conversations tab to post announcements, such as book recommendations and author shout-outs.

Explore the app and find stories that interest you

The Wattpad Home screen gives a vibrant glimpse of some of the hottest trending stories. You can also hit Browse for more of the top books in each genre. Create your own public or private book lists to showcase your favorite Wattpad reads (or keep them to yourself.)

Join communities and connect with others

Wattpad is full of book clubs and other organizations that cater to readers. Simply enter “book club” into the app’s search engine to get started finding the right fit for you. Don’t forget to follow your favorite authors and be notified when they update their stories, too. Authors love comments from readers and will often reply back when they can.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself! On Wattpad, indulge in your guilty pleasures with genres that excite, titillate, and terrify—whatever keeps you coming back for more. My favorite genre is paranormal romance, but whether you’re a fan of romance, mystery, or horror, the Wattpad app is packed with serialized works with new chapters released every week, as well as binge-worthy completed novels that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Satisfy your desire for endless books full of love and passion, suspense and intrigue, frights and scares, and everything in between. So, feed that voracious appetite for great storytelling! You deserve it.

Lead Me Astray by Sondi Warner

Lead Me Astray

Author – Sondi Warner
Publisher – W by Wattpad Books
Pages – 392
Release Date – 15th March 2022
ISBN 13 – 978-1777290061
Format – ebook, paperback

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Welcome to Overlay City in New Orleans—a shadowy in-between where the paranormal and the real world meet. Its newest resident: Aurie Edison.

A victim of a hit-and-run, Aurie now exists as a ghost in this mysterious realm. Convinced there is more to her death than what she remembers, Aurie sets out to uncover the truth. She soon finds herself in the company of Mys, a psychic empath, whose need to help others trumps all else, and Zyr, a werewolf detective able to work both the human and occult worlds.

As they begin to piece together the events leading up to her death, Aurie can’t deny the deeper connection developing between them. Yet, with each new secret suggesting a more sinister danger at play, they realize they may not make it out (dead or) alive.

Undeniably queer and devilishly sexy, Lead Me Astray will take you to the shadowy depths of New Orleans and never let you go.

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Author Info

Sondi Warner is the author of Lead Me Astray, an Amazon Editor’s Pick Best Romance released March 2022 through W by Wattpad Books. When not writing, Sondi loves studying astrology, trying her hand at gardening, and painting landscapes. She lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with her life partner, their four children, their cat, Se7en, and dog, Jack.


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