Animal Antics by Tamar Tepper Kochen – Book Review

Animal Antics by Tamar Tepper Kochen – Book Review

Animal Antics by Tamar Tepper Kochen

Animal Antics
A Rhyming Book of Creatures Big and Small

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Let the wild imaginations of children run free with this hilarious and interactive read-aloud book!

With vibrant illustrations of animals in preposterous settings, budding readers will be captivated by the joy of rhyming structures and speech patterns. As they giggle, smile, and laugh at each page, their rhyming and reading skills will be enhanced. Imaginations will be sparked as children imagine their own ridiculous rhymes. From a chicken that lived in a kitchen, to a pig with a crazy-haired wig, and even a whale that befriended a snail, this book has something for everyone. If you enjoyed B.J. Novak’s The Book with No Pictures or Mo Willems’ Elephant & Piggie series, Animal Antics is sure to delight.

Whether read at home, in the classroom, or gifted to a friend, this charming book will bring smiles to the faces of its audience.

Review by Stacey

Animal Antics: A Rhyming Book of Creatures Big and Small is a young child’s picture book that features lots of different animals that are all doing something you wouldn’t normally find them doing, such as a dog ribbiting like a frog or a fish eating from a dish.

The book is all about getting a child to use their imagination and showing them that they can create anything they want to there. There are no limits when it comes to imagination.

The story rhymes perfectly and is pretty humorous. The illustrations that are full-page and bright add to the humour and will give children a good giggle – Imagine seeing a flamingo playing bingo!

Animal Antics: A Rhyming Book of Creatures Big and Small is quite a simple book with short sentences but it is so joyful and fun that I can see this book being asked for over and over again. You could also use it to start your game of rhyming animals with different things such as a slug that drinks from a mug 🤪. Excuse me whilst I amuse myself playing this game for a while!!

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Tamar Tepper Kochen


Tamar Tepper Kochen loves frozen yogurt, adventures outdoors, and silly stories. She is also a playful parent to three little monkeys. Her kids’ love for animals and books, along with their interest in reading, inspired her to write children’s literature. She loves to see children laugh and let their imaginations run free. In making up rhymes for her little ones, she discovered a talent for crafting funny rhymes that kids couldn’t resist.

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