Confessions of a Traveler by Clara L Molina – Book Review

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Confessions of a Traveler by Clara L Molina

Confessions of a Traveler
The Observations of Alien 597

Author – Clara L Molina
Pages – 18
Released – 7th June 2019
Format – ebook, audiobook
Review by – Stacey
Rating – 3 Stars
I received a free copy of this book.
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Grotesque insect looking beasts, which burst out of your chest, and have acid for blood. Grey and short aliens with big eyes, who want to take over your mind, and they do horrible experiments with instruments that go up your anus.

They’ve come to take over the world, and make you into a zombie or dinner. If they ever land in full view, they would either be worshiped and a new religion would form, or murdered immediately, and their ship parts sold to the highest bidder. Alien 597 read her report about aliens that humans had encountered.

A short story about an alien visiting Earth.

Review 2017

Confessions of a Traveler: The Observations of Alien 597, is a very short story at just 18 pages long that focuses on Alien 597 and her observations whilst she is on Earth.

It’s hard to write a comprehensive review of a book that is only 18 pages long and took me around 5-10 minutes to read it. Firstly, the book is very geographical in that the Alien 597 is visiting the USA and that is where her notes on the planet are from. There is a lot of information on different types of motels/hotels and even more information about the different TV channels that Alien 597 watches.

The book is supposed to be a humorous take on what an outsider thinks of the culture, environment, people, etc of the places Alien 597 visits. However, whilst I can see this being humorous to those in the USA or those that visit there a lot, I’m not that well up on the different kinds of hotels that are in America – we just have different star rating hotels in the UK, so the observations were just that, and I don’t tend to watch US TV series so that went over my head too.

The book is short, snappy and a very quick read. It is cleverly written and you can imagine an alien coming to Earth to observe us, I’m sure they would leave quickly too!! It is very wacky and daft the whole way through. If you have a few minutes spare it is worth reading.

Book Reviewer – Stacey

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About the Author

Clara L Molina writes Science Fiction books most of the time, dabbles in comic drawings occasionally, and writes to laugh at herself all the time. She has a computer science degree, but has been a lifelong writer. She currently lives in San Antonio, Texas, and enjoys fresh air and days where her hair is not frizzy.

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3 Responses

  1. Shelley W says:

    Super review. 18 pages is certainly a quick read.

  2. Emma Mane says:

    I think I might like this. Only thing off putting is the price for 18 pages. It might only be 99p but so are most full books these days.

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