Death at the Lighthouse by Alasdair Beckett-King – Book Review

Death at the Lighthouse by Alasdair Beckett-King – Book Review

Death at the Lighthouse by Alasdair Beckett-King

Death at the Lighthouse
Montgomery Bonbon Book Two

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The most troublesome thing about being a detective is that it is almost impossible to go on holiday.

When Bonnie Montgomery finally gets a break from cracking cases as her alter-ego, Montgomery Bonbon, something terribly fishy happens the moment she and Grampa Banks arrive on Odde Island for half-term – and it’s not just the smell of the harbour. There’s been a mysterious death at Leerie Lighthouse, and what everyone assumed was an accident is setting Bonbon’s moustache all a-quiver: a sure sign that something is Highly Suspicious.

When a second death takes place on the other side of the island, Bonnie is sure the two are connected. But can she solve this case alone, or will she need double the detectives to solve double the murder?

Review by Stacey

Bonnie Montgomery/Montgomery Bonbon is back in her/his second detective adventure. After the Murder at the Museum, Bonnie was hoping for a nice quiet holiday away with her Grampa but once again she has to don her fake moustache and beret and become Detective Bonbon as there has been a mysterious death on the island of Odde.

The lighthouse keeper has been found dead on the rocks below the lighthouse after a stormy night. The residents of Odde believe it was a terrible accident but Bonnie isn’t convinced. Why would the lighthouse keeper climb to the top of the lighthouse, to light the light, in a storm without putting on her coat first?

The game is afoot! Detective Bonbon has been activated and he will leave no stone unturned to discover the truth and bring the killer to justice. However, the residents all seem to have their own issues and hidden secrets and when there is a second death Bonbon really has his work cut out.

Who doesn’t love a murder mystery? This middle-grade novel will keep the reader entertained with its exciting plot, twists, and plenty of humour to give them the giggles throughout. Plus, brilliant illustrations too, and all aimed at the right level with no hard words.

You can certainly tell this book has been written by a comedian with the jokes, sarcasm, one-liners, and witty moments that fill the pages. Death at the Lighthouse is such a fabulous read. I do hope there will be plenty more crimes for Montgomery Bonbon/Bonnie to solve in the future.

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Alasdair Beckett-King is a multi-award-winning comedian and writer. He studied at the London Film School, and since then he has performed critically lauded solo shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, written for BBC radio, appeared on comedy panel shows such as Mock the Week, co-written an award-winning video game and created numerous viral sketches for social media, including an interactive whodunit.

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