Fun Fact Friday – 10th April 2015

Fun Fact Friday – 10th April 2015

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And Justice for All by Orrin Woodward

Have you ever been to a book signing? Having to stand in-line for an hour waiting to get the author to place their signature on your book.

Have you ever thought about the author, sitting there, signing for hours and how much their arm, back, bum – well all parts of them must ache afterwards?

Well, spare a thought for author Orrin Woodward.

On the 21st June 2014 in Ohio, USA, Orrin Woodward entered the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ for the most books signed in a single session.

Orrin Woodward signed an incredible 6,786 copies of his book new ‘And Justice for All‘.

The signing took him six hours and thirty-three minutes to complete.

Not sure I’d fancy being the person standing at the back of that queue!!

**Updated – On 30th January 2016 author Vickrant Mahajan from Jammu in India surpassed Orrin Woodwards record to become the new record holder – He signed an incredible 6,904 in one sitting.

The book that was signed was Vickrant’s ‘Yes Thank You Universe’.


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