Psychic Readings Help Horror Writers Block by Jonuel Negron – Guest Post

Psychic Readings Help Horror Writers Block by Jonuel Negron – Guest Post

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Jonuel Negron lives in Florida with his family. He grew up with two abilities that gave him both an edge and took him to the edge; a talent to come up with new stories and a wise cracking mouth to deliver them. He wrote several stories from grade school all the way through college but never published them.

At 24 he put his writing dreams on pause to join the US Army as an IT Engineer. In the twelve years he served he travelled the world visiting numerous cultures. He served in the Afghanistan war where his wise cracking mouth helped him through the tough times.

After being honourably discharged from the US Army he became a government contractor in the Iraq war and returned to the Afghanistan war.

At 41 he started his writing career up again from the heart of the Afghanistan war. He wrote the Paranormal Horror ‘Mid Harvest Road’ Short Story and the follow up ‘I Understand’ Novella while working in Bagram/Afghanistan. He started his writing after years of writing down his nightmares as therapy.

When asked why does he write horror? His answer was, “I lived a horror story, so it makes it easy to write one.”

“Translating nightmares into books for your entertainment- sleep tight.”

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Horror writers, has the following ever happened to you?

“You are working on your next book. You are building up the setting and scenes. Your protagonist has just made an important decision. It is time for you to write up a storm. And then nothing comes out. You can’t put it together. Suddenly you can’t connect the words. You don’t know what to do after this point. OH NO, WRITERS BLOCK!”

This is scary for a horror writer as you are conditioned to make your readers scarred and not yourself. Not that horror writers themselves don’t have their go-to remedies to get over writers block such as taking long walks, go fishing, visit some scary place or even pay a head shrink for some help.

But have you considered a psychic reading that just might push you to a new way of unlocking your writing potential?

It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, the aim is to jolt your mind and unleash your creativity as a horror writer. I am not talking about some psychic hotline but the traditional in person sit in psychic reading. With that in mind consider the potential benefits of letting go for a while and dipping into a psychic reading.

What benefits can a horror writer get from a psychic reading?

Apart from the obvious, which is experiencing the actual event and process so you will have a clearer understanding on how to write a psychic reading scene, consider the advantages of;

Being Validated – regardless of your level of belief, it has an eerie feeling to it that validates your need to let someone else push through your horror creative process.

Emotional Shift – If you believe in it, it will help. If you don’t believe in it, it will entertain you. The point is your emotions will shift and may help relieve the block.

Entertain Spooky Opinions – My favorite part is the feedback from a reading is so unusual that my Horror ideas and the odd feedback mix so well I get source material out of it.

I’m convinced so I need to run to the first Psychic I see, right?

Hold on there for a moment. Even if you think this is all a bunch of parlor tricks, I still want you to get the best bang for your buck on the spiritual experience you are about to go through. Just like every other profession there is a bunch of 2 minute con artist.

‘Fake psychics? You don’t say!’ is the first thing that came into your mind when you read that last line. But hear me out, treat it as you would buying tickets to a play. Even if you are only going for entertainment, get the best show for your money. I have key tips and warnings for all of you on how to do that.

Tip 1: Get a Solid Legitimate Psychic – Some good signs for a legitimate psychic are; offering money back guarantee, endorsed by trusting people (Good Reviews), they have proof of psychic development or training (Some states have registries), and they hit accurate details in the beginning of the session (within 5 minutes you will know).

Tip 2: Know what you want – Don’t go in just saying ‘I want to get my mind blown!’ Be honest about what you want to accomplish with the session. The spooky or chilling details of the read will come later. Let it work on what you want and the extras will set in.

Tip 3: Get to the answers of your questions: Write your questions before you walk in and get to the answers. You don’t want to go in circles just cut to the chase. Don’t be cut and dry but you also don’t want to talk about the weather when you are trying to tackle your writers block.

What should I be careful of?

Warning 1: No matter how smart you are, a Psychic con artist can still take you for a ride. I get upset when I spot them even though I am only there for entertainment. Some of the more common con tricks are; lights dimming during a reading, psychic has an earpiece getting information from a co-worker using Google, constant yelling from the psychic as if they were possessed.

Warning 2: Don’t get hooked on it. I have a rule of thumb, only one reading every year. Some folks go for a reading as if they cannot make a life decision without some spirit telling them what to do. Go for material, entertainment, fighting writers block and some fun. Do one reading each year to reset my horror meter and then it is back to writing.

Warning 3: Make no big decisions based on your session. I advice anyone who goes to a psychic to use it as an outlet and not as a decision maker. I see it as choosing between a movie, a play, a theme park or any other activity to get my creativity moving again. You would not make a job choice based on a day at the beach, in the same way don’t base it on a psychic reading.

I hope this helps anyone who is going through writers block and just wants to practice something new to get over it. If you liked this article please comment, share it and visit my blog for more like it.

To all my fellow authors off things that go bump in the night, keep the scares coming!

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I would like to thank Jonuel Negron for a wonderful guest post. You can find out about his books below.

Mid Harvest Road by Jonuel Negron

Mid Harvest Road

Jacob Kearns Series, Part One
Pages – 38
Release Date – 4th October 2016
Format – ebook
Contains affiliate links.

What’s wrong with me? I don’t know anymore. I can’t remember what I’ve done. I can’t even control what I’m gonna do. Am I going crazy or is it something else?

Can’t a country girl catch a break for once? It’s not like I was complaining about being a waitress in my own personal little restaurant story. I already had my dang plate full worrying about my sick Momma. She is gonna be joining my late Daddy soon.

My life was tragic enough before I got pulled into this horror story. And Ya’ll I don’t mean some abusive boyfriend type of horror. I am talking about that night on the old back road with them creatures or I think something happened. Maybe I did go into that dark forest when my tire blew out or maybe it was all in my head. I ain’t sure no more!

Ever since that night I keep getting these weird dreams, I keep seeing this small grey monster following me and sometimes I can’t control myself. My name is Sarah Knox and I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I am now on ‘The Long Road’ and the road can kill you.

Purchase Links buy link

I Understand by Jonuel Negron

I Understand

Jacob Kearns Series, Part Two
Pages – 129
Release Date – 30th January 2017
Format – ebook

When you steal from the dead, there’s hell to pay.

I should have listened to that old carnival gypsy. Instead, in desperation, I looted an old watch off a dead man in an asylum graveyard. I didn’t know it was magically possessed.

Who am I? I’m Tanner Brown, made the Warlock Fire Elemental through a raw deal with that watch. Now, I’m in the fight for my life against an army of supernatural creatures. They need that watch, too. But I have a secret weapon–my father’s ghost.

All l I know is that I have to survive until Hell is paid back…Or I cross over to the other side, cursed and with a balance I owe the dead.

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