Last Chance Books by Kelsey Rodkey – Book Review

Last Chance Books by Kelsey Rodkey – Book Review

Last Chance Books by Kelsey Rodkey

Last Chance Books

Author – Kelsey Rodkey
Publisher – HarperTeen
Pages – 368
Released – 18th May 2021
ISBN-13 – 978-0062994462
Format – ebook, hardcover, audio
Rating – 4 Stars
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You’ve Got Mail meets Morgan Matson in this smart, banter-filled romcom with a bookish twist.

Nothing will stop Madeline Moore from taking over her family’s independent bookstore after college. Nothing, that is—until a chain bookstore called Prologue opens across the street and threatens to shut them down.

Madeline sets out to demolish the competition, but the guy who works over at Prologue seems intent on ruining her life. Not only is he taking her customers, he has the unbelievable audacity to be… extremely cute.

But that doesn’t matter. Jasper is the enemy and he will be destroyed. After all—all’s fair in love and (book) war.

Review by Stacey

In this YA romance book, we meet Madeline Moore who is at college and works at Books & Moore her family-run bookstore. She loves the place that was started by her grandmother and wants to keep it in the family. However, the book shop is in trouble, the rent has been increased and the business isn’t doing as well as it used to. With that in mind, her aunt wants to close it when their lease is up in three months.

Madeline blames the new chain bookstore, Prologue, which has opened up across the street supervised by the owner’s son, Jasper, who happens to be gorgeous, sexy, and talented, although he has started copying her selling techniques and Madeline is livid. This is war. She is determined to not let them drive Books & Moore out of business, she is also determined that she is not going to fall for Jasper either.

I love books set in bookshops, so the idea of two rival bookshops being at war with one another had me eager to read Last Chance Books. For those of you who are bookish and want to dive into the story, just a note that this is a YA book not an adult romance/enemies to lovers book, so some might find it a little young for them. For me, I love the pace of YA books and didn’t mind the young characters who often didn’t handle situations well, be warned though if you don’t like foul language as there is a lot of banter between the characters that included it.

I got through the story quickly as I found myself turning the pages at speed keeping up with all the goings-on. Madeline has a complicated life, including a mother who has been absent for most of it and so she was brought up by her aunt, however, her mother is back and once again she tells Madeline that she is here to stay this time, or until Madeline’s younger brother heads off to college in two years.

There was a decent amount of humour within the pages and I did giggle a few times out loud. With its fun plot, complex but likeable characters, and set in a location all bookworms love, this was an interesting, easy-going enjoyable read.

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Author Info

Kelsey Rodkey last chance books

Kelsey Rodkey is a burrito lover and banter enthusiast striving to create the stories she lacked as a teenager. Before starting her current job as a communications coordinator, she helped a British film crew make a documentary about a dog grooming expo and was an extra in a music video as a girl who couldn’t stop playing with her hair.

She lives near the capital of Pennsylvania, which a lot of people think is Philadelphia, with her significant other and their cats, Cheese and Tux. Last Chance Books is her first novel.

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10 Responses

  1. Jo Linsdell says:

    I love books set in bookshops too. Last Chance Books sounds like a fun romcom. Great review.

  2. DJ Sakata says:

    I’m confused about the age when characters are no longer to be YA. I think of YA as high school or teenage. But I’m really not clear, so many genres are nebulous to me.

  3. Nadene says:

    Last Chance Books sounds like a really fun read.

  4. This looks super cute! I loved You’ve Got Mail so I bet I’d love this.

  5. I think I would enjoy Last Chance Books. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

  6. Thank you Jo. I do too, hence I was eager to read this book.

  7. Thank you DJ, I have it in my head that YA characters are in their teens, any older then it is New Adult, younger and it is middle grade. Just the way I view the genre.

  8. Thank you Nadene, it really is a fun read, I hope you get to read it.

  9. Thank you Bianca, goo to hear you think you would like this book.

  10. Thank you Kate, good to hear you think you would like the book. You are very welcome.