Oki and Harlo by Cas Mesterom – Book Review

Oki and Harlo: fairytale friends by Cas Mesterom – Book Review


Oki and Harlo: fairytale friends

Author – Cas Mesterom
Pages – 66
Release Date – 6th June 2016
Format – ebook
Reviewer – Stacey
I received a free copy of this book
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synopsis of a witch Oki and Harlo

Oki, a little orphaned goat meets Harlo, a shooting star, who falls to earth and ends up in the field where Oki is asleep. They become instant best friends and together they go on a quest to find Oki’s momma.

On their adventure, the little friends encounter wise old, Mr. Owl, Wobbly, the chicken, and a little girl named Ellie and her family.

Enter a world where children can safely go and learn about making friends, being honest, and believing in dreams, as well as healthy eating and the REAL purpose of rainbows!

Review of a witch

Oki, the young goat, has lost his mummy and he doesn’t know where to find her. Whilst trying to sleep one night he sees something fall to the ground, so he goes off to find out what it was. On the ground is a bright shining star named Harlo. Harlo has fallen out of the sky away from all of his family.

The young goat and the star become firm friends and decide to set off on an adventure together to see if they can find Oki’s mum.

This adorable children’s book is a wonderful fairytale-esq book that will show youngsters the meaning of friendship, helpfulness and caring for one another.

What I liked most about this book is the unique and imaginative concept of making it interactive. There are blank pages throughout that ask the children to draw something from the book. The kids can then upload their pictures to Oki and Harlo’s Instagram & Twitter accounts!

Oki and Harlo is a fantastic book that children will enjoy reading as much as they enjoy drawing about it.

Book Reviewed by Stacey

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About the author of a witch


My name is Cas Mesterom and I am a Dutch-born writer, poet, model and actor. Although Dutch is my native language, I prefer to write in English as I find the English language more poetic. Having said that, I did write the original of Oki and Harlo, fairytale friends in 1999 in Dutch, but translated it last year and wrote a new ending to the story. The original had a darker conclusion, as fairytales can be dark, but in the current world [of war], I wanted to write an uplifting story about friendship. Basically, why could a goat not be friends with a shooting star?

I wanted to create a world where children can safely go and learn about making friends, being honest and believing in dreams. As well as healthy eating and the real purpose of rainbows!

I write with a message but never preachy. My goal is to entertain and to hope that each one of us can take away something from my writings. As I learn from others, I hope to inspire other people as well. I believe we are all one. Oki and Harlo believe it!

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