Sleepless in Stonehenge by Sibel Beadle – Book Review

Sleepless in Stonehenge by Sibel Beadle – Book Review

Witchy Travel Tales Sleepless in Stonehenge

Sleepless in Stonehenge
Witchy Travel Tales Book Two

Author – Sibel Beadle
Publisher – Grosvenor House Pub
Pages – 42
Released – 23rd November 2017
ISBN-13 – 978-1786230928
Format – paperback
Reviewer – Stacey
Rating – 4 Stars
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The series “Witchy Travel Tales” tells the story of a witch and her seven daughters.

This book is the second in the series. One of the witch’s daughters, Viva, is scared at night and struggles to fall asleep every night. Her mother, the witch, takes Viva on a trip to Stonehenge, to activate an ancient spell hat helps the little girl, fall asleep going forward.

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Sleepless in Stonehenge, is the second book in the Witchy Travel Tales Series by Sibel Beadle. The books each follow Witch Miranda and her seven daughters, whom we first met in book one, ‘The Seven Sisters’.

In this book, daughter Viva is scared of the night-time, which in turn makes her unable to sleep. Miranda tells her daughter about a little boy called Vincent who lived many years ago who had the same problem. His Grandmother took him to Stonehenge and cast a spell to make him no longer be scared and able to sleep.

Viva was intrigued by the story, so Miranda decides that it would be a good time to visit the stones and see if they can help her daughter sleep too.

The Witchy Travel Tales are enjoyable books which children can discover different areas of the UK through small snippets of information, this one being Stonehenge.

Each book has its own colour theme, the first was orange, this one is blue, so all the illustrations throughout are black, grey, white and blue. They are also quite roughly drawn, but this works well with the story.

Sleepless in Stonehenge is a great second book, that was very interesting and entertaining. I now look forward to reading book three, ‘The Golden Bunny of the Lake District’.

Reviewed by Stacey

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About the Author

sibel beadle

Sibel Beadle started writing the children’s book series “Witchy Travel Tales” when she was getting divorced. She wrote her first story when her children went away with their Dad on holiday for the very first time without her. Sibel bought her eldest daughter a mobile phone so she could stay in contact with her. Every night her kids begged for a good night story and so at bedtime Sibel would send her children paragraphs of an imaginary story. Her kids loved the messages, the quirky characters and the story that unravelled every night so Sibel later compiled the various messages into her first book, “The Seven Sisters”.

Since then, Sibel has explored many beautiful locations in the World and has written stories about places she has visited every time her kids have been away with their Dad. Her writing deliberately tries to inspire and encourage children to visit these magical places. Her stories capture a real sense of imagination and excitement and try to help children deal with the real life problems young people face in today’s world, all without losing a sense of magic.

Sleepless in Stonehenge

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