Solitaire by Jane Thynne – Book Review

Solitaire by Jane Thynne – Book Review

Solitaire by Jane Thynne

Clara Vine Book Five

Author – Jane Thynne
Publisher – Simon & Schuster UK
Pages – 464
Released – 18th May 2017
ISBN-13 – 978-1471155819
Format – ebook, paperback, hardcover, audio
Reviewer – Stacey
I received a free copy of this book



June 1940: the first summer of the war. Berlin is being bombed and nightly blackouts suffocate the city. Then France falls and a shadow descends.

A shadow has fallen over Clara Vine’s own life, too. She is an Anglo-German woman in a country that hates England. Then she is summoned to meet the Propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, who has decided that Clara should adopt a new role – as his spy.

Much as she dislikes the idea, Clara realises this might be the chance to find an escape route to England. But Goebbels has other ideas and soon Clara is drawn into a web that threatens to destroy her. As everything she holds dear is taken as ransom, she must fight to protect her family – and to survive…

Review 2017

Although this book is the fifth book in the Clara Vine series, it was the first book that I had read. Now, judging by the fact that I didn’t even realise that it was book five, that should let you know that it works perfectly well as a standalone.

The book opens with the prologue – Lisbon 1940 and Clara being arrested. We then jump back in time to chapter one and Berlin, 1940. Clara is living in Germany and working as an actress. As World War II is in its infancy, Clara feels very vulnerable. Not only was she a spy, although now she tries to keep her head down, she is also half English, half German, and Jewish by descendant.

Clara is an exceptional woman. She is grieving for her lover Leo, whom she had been told was shot and killed trying to flee the country, a lover than no-one knew about. She wants to leave Germany for the safety of England and her family, but that door has been shut tight. She has now found herself in a difficult situation, having to spy for the Germans.

Whilst I’m not a great lover of historical novels, there is something about the World Wars that intrigues me. Most books that I have read, barring one earlier this year, have all been set in the UK during the war, so it was nice to be able to see the life of those outside the UK.

The main story interweaves itself with numerous secondary plots, the main one being that of Katerina, a young girl living in a children’s home, with a crippled leg. Unless her sister Sonja can be found, Katerina is in serious danger of being killed by the Nazis. I love how these two plots fused with one another.

The prologue did its job perfectly and had me hooked. I wanted to know how Clara found herself in the situation she did in Lisbon. I wasn’t disappointed with the answer.

Ms. Thynne has done her research meticulously. She brings together all the elements of what the war was like with her vivid descriptions and scenery. She then injects the harsh life of a woman, but one who is most certainly headstrong and brave, to create this wonderful, mesmerising book.

Reviewed by Stacey

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About the Author

Jane Thynne


Jane Thynne was born in Venezuela and educated in London. She graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English and joined the BBC as a journalist.

She has also worked at The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent, as well as for numerous British magazines. She appears as a broadcaster on Radio 4. Jane is married with three children and lives in London.

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7 Responses

  1. DJ Sakata says:

    I had avoided historicals for a long time but have recently started reading them and find I really enjoy them. I guess it all depends on the quality of the writer, just like every other genre.

  2. Caroline says:

    Sounds like a good one! I love a series where you can jump in at many points. I haven’t read any WWII books that I can remember, I might have to check this one out!

  3. The Book Recluse Review says:

    I really enjoyed your review. It has me very intrigued. I have not read many fiction historical novels.

  4. Terri A. Wilson says:

    I like the sound of this one.

  5. Katie @ Book Ink Reviews says:

    This one sounds so good! And I adore that cover.

  6. Historical isn’t really my genre, though this one sounds like a good read!

  7. Wynne says:

    I love the book cover! Wonderful review!