Spring at The Cosy Cottage Café by Rachel Griffiths – Book Review

Spring at The Cosy Cottage Café

Spring at the Cosy Cottage Cafe by Rachel Griffiths

Spring at The Cosy Cottage Café

Author – Rachel Griffiths
Publisher – Cosy Cottage Books
Pages – 145
Released – 9th April 2018
ISBN 13 – 978-1983009822
Format – ebook, paperback
Reviewer – Stacey
Rating – 4 Stars
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Artist Honey Blackwell is happy with her life. Well, almost. She lives in the picturesque village of Heatherlea, has three close friends and a soft spot for local supply teacher Dane Ackerman. If only she could put her past behind her and embrace the present.

Dane is working hard to prove himself at the village primary school and doesn’t really have time for love, but he’s drawn to Honey and hopes she feels the same. When a permanent teaching position is advertised in Heatherlea, he faces stiff competition to secure it.

As Honey and Dane deal with the ups and downs of life, will they be able to find a way to be together, or will they have to accept that sometimes love just isn’t enough?

This is the fourth short story in The Cosy Cottage Café series.

New one review witch 2017

When Honey Blackwell moved to the little village of Heatherlea she didn’t expect to make such good friends in Dawn, Camilla, and Allie (Owner of the Cosy Café), nor a love interest in local supply teacher Dane.

Her relationship with Dane though feels as if it has stalled as she is holding back from him due to past personal issues that she is trying to keep secret and Dane is trying to secure a full-time job at the local primary school which is taking all his spare time.

Will Honey’s secret come to light and can her and Dane ever have a future together?

It is great to be back in the village of Heatherlea and spend time with the villagers once again. I last read about them in the third book in the series, ‘Winter at The Cosy Cottage Café‘. It was wonderful to catch up them all again, especially heavily pregnant Dawn who finally gives birth, though not quite in the manner she had expected!

The whole series has been a joy to read and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. I’ve adored each book. The characters are just a delight, there isn’t a bad bone amongst them, which is unusual to find in books these days. With the setting being in a quaint English village it’s hard not to fall in love with the place and the beautiful scenery that surrounds it too.

I now look forward to reading book five, ‘A Wedding at The Cosy Cottage Café’.

Reviewed by Stacey

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About the Author

Author. Wife. Mother. Earl Grey tea drinker. Gin enthusiast. Dog walker. Fan of the afternoon nap.

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19 Responses

  1. Shahenda says:

    I love warm fuzzy village books. It looks so cozy and family like book. ?

  2. Entertainingly Nerdy says:

    I’ll have to check this out. I usually read thrillers and dystopian type books, but it’s always nice changing up to a warm fuzzy type book!

  3. This series does sound rather charming!

  4. DJ Sakata says:

    This looks adorable!

  5. Jo Linsdell says:

    This sounds like a great series. Do you recommend reading the books in order are can they be read as stand alones?

  6. You really need to read them in order to understand them.

  7. Heidi says:

    The cover is absolutely charming!!

  8. Terri A. Wilson says:

    Well, an author that likes Earl Grey is an author I need to read for sure!

  9. Finitha Jose says:

    Great review! Now I want to read it

  10. Kacie Olson says:

    Sounds like a fun read! Can they be read as a stand-alone or in order?

  11. It certainly is.

  12. It’s nice to have a change now and again.

  13. It most certainly is charming.

  14. I know it’s gorgeous.

  15. It certainly is charming.

  16. I would say us British love our tea, but I can’t stand the stuff 🙂

  17. I do hope you get to read it.

  18. They are fun reads. Really need to be read in order.