The Ripper of Whitechapel by Yvette Fielding – Book Review

The Ripper of Whitechapel by Yvette Fielding – Book Review

The Ripper of Whitechapel by Yvette Fielding

The Ripper of Whitechapel
Ghost Hunter Chronicles Book Two

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When the ghosts of two young children start to haunt a local school, trainee ghost hunters Eve, Clovis and Tom are invited to help investigate the case. But before long they realise there is more to this haunting than they first realised.

Could it be that the ghost children are victims of Jack the Ripper? And is the evil Ripper of Whitechapel about to unleash a new campaign of terror from beyond the grave?

Review by Stacey

The Ripper of Whitechapel is the second book in The Ghosthunter Chronicles with the first being The House in the Woods which was released last year.

The books follow three friends Clovis, Eve, and Tom, plus Eve’s scientist uncle Rufus who are searching for a link between the afterlife and the living. After the goings on in book one, the three friends haven’t witnessed any more paranormal activity, that is until they are invited into a secret society and asked to investigate scenes at a local school where it would seem not only are there ghostly children running scared but Jack the Ripper is making an appearance too.

Just like the first book, this one holds nothing back in terms of frightening moments, so if you are not good with scary moments, or are thinking about buying this for nervous children then I would probably think again.

Whilst I loved the paranormal aspect of the book and the friendships the children have, especially how they are there for one another when family matters arise, I found once the initial scary opening scene had passed the book seemed to slow right down and it took quite a while for anything more to occur and I did get a little bored.

However, once the children became involved in the ‘Ripper’ investigation the pace quickened again and my interest peaked, especially as I have an interest in all things Jack the Ripper.

Overall, if you have a child that loves scary books and is looking for something more intriguing and edgy then this series is definitely one to pick up. A riveting read and I now can’t wait for another in the series.

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Yvette Fielding


Yvette Fielding was the youngest ever Blue Peter presenter at age 18, and she’s since gone on to host and produce Ghosthunting With… and Most Haunted. After years of studying ghosts, she’s become television’s ‘first lady’ of the paranormal. She lives with her husband and two children in Cheshire.

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