The Squirrel’s Tail by Julian Reisz – Book Review

The Squirrel’s Tail by Julian Reisz – Book Review

The Squirrels Tail by Julian Reisz

The Squirrel’s Tail

Author – Julian Reisz
Illustrator – Alex Beeching
Publisher – Otherwise
Pages – 32
Released – 7th October 2021
ISBN-13 – 978-1999922269
Format – hardcover
Rating – 5 Stars
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When a bouncy little squirrel named Hazel loses her tail, her dad decides to make her a new one. But first he has to venture out into the dark dangerous night to gather everything he needs…

Inspired by a bedtime story the author made up to comfort his daughter, who underwent a series of operations when she was very small, this vibrant picture book celebrates both the extraordinary strength of children as they face life’s challenges, and the tireless devotion of their parents.

With a touching father-daughter relationship at its heart, the story takes place in the Great Forest, a magical world teeming with colourful creatures and dazzling lollipop trees.

Review by Stacey

Hazel the Squirrel was a very adventurous squirrel. She loved roaming the woods, climbing trees, and meeting her friends. One day she came across a very big old oak tree. Hazel wanted to climb the tree. Unfortunately, what goes up must come down.

As she was partway down the worst thing happened, a branch snapped and Hazel tumbled. When she landed with a bump her tail was still in the tree. Oh dear, Hazel is so upset she cried all the way home. Her dad had a great idea, he would make her a new one.

What will Hazel’s new tail look like and will she like it?

The Squirrel’s Tail is a very sweet children’s picture book featuring an even sweeter squirrel. Hazel is so adorable and lovely. She is so full of life and loves everything. She is also very curious and that is how she happened to find herself at the top of the biggest oak tree.

The father-daughter relationship is truly lovely. Her father hates seeing his daughter upset and will happily go out of his way to help her and put the smile back on her face. It is heart-warming to witness.

With its beautiful full-page illustrations that showcase and emphasise the plot perfectly, this is a book that I can see becoming a child’s favourite read and asked for over and over again. It is also so charming and captivating that you won’t mind how many times you have to read it.

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Author Info

Julian Reisz is an Anglo-French father of three and first time author, now living in Sweden. His day job involves helping companies make a genuine commitment to sustainability. After inventing the story to cheer up his injured daughter, he wrote it down, tested it in schools and commissioned an illustrator. Finally, he worked with Otherwise publishing to finish the book and decided to launch it himself.

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