These Lost & Broken Things by Helen Fields – Book Review

These Lost & Broken Things by Helen Fields – Book Review

These Lost and Broken Things by Helen Fields

These Lost & Broken Things

Author – Helen Fields
Publisher – Wailing Banshee Ltd
Pages – 293
Released – 11th May 2020
ISBN-13 – 978-0957124653
Format – ebook, paperback
Review by – Stacey
Rating – 5 Stars
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The year is 1905. London is a playground for the rich and a death trap for the poor. When Sofia Logan’s husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her penniless with two young children, she knows she will do anything to keep them from the workhouse. But can she bring herself to murder? Even if she has done it before…

Emmet Vinsant, wealthy industrialist, offers Sofia a job in one of his gaming houses. He knows more about Sofia’s past than he has revealed. Brought up as part of a travelling fair, she’s an expert at counting cards and spotting cheats, and Vinsant puts her talents to good use. His demands on her grow until she finds herself with blood on her hands.

Set against the backdrop of the Suffragette protests, with industry changing the face of the city but disease still rampant, and poverty the greatest threat of all, every decision you make is life or death. Either yours or someone else’s.

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Edwardian England, Sofia Logan has just lost her husband. With two young children to look after, rent to pay, and mouths to feed, she doesn’t have too long to grieve before she has to set out to find work.

Her deceased husband’s boss, Emmet Vinsant makes her an offer to work at his gambling venues of an evening so that she can spot cheats or those that are on a winning streak. At first she tells him no as the venues are no place for a female, however, with no-one willing to hire her she has to accept his offer. The money might be good but Emmett knows all about her past, which seems to be coming back to haunt her.

One thing is for certain her children come first and she will do everything and anything in her power to keep them safe, make sure they are fed and that they have a roof over their heads, no matter the cost to her or others.

Earlier this year I read my first Helen Field’s novel, ‘Perfect Kill‘, and loved it. It is a modern-day thriller, whereas this book is set in 1905. We also hear about Sophie’s younger life as she was brought up in a travelling fair and is a bit of a card shark.

From the very first page, I was hooked on this book. Sophie is a woman who has lost the only man she has ever loved and the only man she has ever trusted. She didn’t have a great start to life and her husband gave her the will to put her life back together and change the direction she was going in. With him no longer on the scene, Sophie finds herself in a hard predicament, the perfect example of between a rock and a hard place. Yes she is cunning and sly at times, but she needs to be to survive.

Emmet is one of those characters that comes across as kind but a little creepy at the start but progressively throughout we see a darker side to him. My favourite character was Sophie’s new neighbour and police officer, Charlie.

The book covers lots of historical subjects from the era and Edwardian England was easily recognisable. The setting of dowdy London, the mannerisms of the residents, and the whole atmosphere of the book had me transported back in time with each chapter.

Sometimes you just connect with a book and lose track of time whilst reading and you don’t want to put it down. For me, this was one of those books. There is so much intrigue, mystery, and action set within this historical fiction that I didn’t want it to end. Sophie was certainly a woman ahead of her time!

Book Reviewer – Stacey

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About the Author

Helen Fields These Lost and Broken Things

An international and Amazon #1 best-selling author, Helen is a former criminal and family law barrister. Every book in the Callanach series claimed an Amazon #1 bestseller flag. Her next book, the sixth in the series, ‘Perfect Kill’ was released on the 6th February 2020.

Helen also writes as HS Chandler, and last year released legal thriller ‘Degrees of Guilt’. Her previous audio book ‘Perfect Crime’ knocked Michelle Obama off the #1 spot. Translated into 15 languages, and also selling in the USA, Canada & Australasia, Helen’s books have won global recognition.

Her first historical thriller ‘These Lost & Broken Things’ comes out in May 2020. A further standalone thriller published by HarperColllins will come soon. She currently commutes between Hampshire, Scotland and California, where she lives with her husband and three children.

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  1. Meggy | Chocolate'n'Waffles says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for taking part in this blog tour! And thank you for this 5-star review! We are glad you enjoyed These Lost and Broken Things!
    Meggy from Love Books Group

  2. DJ Sakata says:

    This one is calling to me

  3. Lovely review! The book sounds very interesting!

  4. vidya says:

    I do love books set in this time period.. and your review is tempting me as well

  5. Joselyn says:

    Sounds like a veery gripping story

  6. Kathy West says:

    Not sure if this book would be for me but I am glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Finitha Jose says:

    Love the sound of this. Thanks for the review. An entirely new book for me

  8. Gayathri says:

    Sounds amazing! I love period books.

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    Ooooh, I love books set in the early 1900s! They’re always so interesting to read and I think I could definitely get sucked into this one 🙂

  10. Robin Loves Reading says:

    Sounds like my type of book.