What I Would Do With One Million Dollars by Cindy Helms – Guest Post

What I Would Do With One Million Dollars by Cindy Helms – Guest Post

Cindy Helms

Cindy Helms is a visual artist, author and illustrator known for designing unusual projects. For Cindy, art is created from curious and whimsical combinations of shapes, textures and colors.

In her unique and simple children’s books, Cindy’s art work comes to life in characters that enchant children and adults alike.

Cindy lives in the Denver, CO area with two artistic boys and two fat black cats. She loves road trips, camping and discovering new places. Post contains affiliate links.

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What I Would Do With One Million Dollars

One million dollars is a lot of money, and if I saw that in my bank account, I would stare at the number in disbelief and bemused awe before actually touching a penny. Once I settled in to the fact of six zeros (which would be four zeros more than usually are there) I have no doubt that I would do something with at least some of the miracle.

The first thing I would do would be to give back. I am a huge believer that we get what we give. There are so many great organizations out there with great missions. I would hunt out some that appeal to me and enjoy the looks on their faces when I hand them whopping checks.

Enjoying life together with my family is my number one priority. A family that plays together stays together. My sons and I love to explore different areas of the country. We have checked off 40 of our incredibly diverse 50 states and plan to do the remaining 10 before my oldest turns 18 in two years. We have been tent camping for 20 years. The tent is nice an cozy, but not ideal in the wetter climates. I would love to upgrade to an Airstream travel trailer. And maybe a truck with less than 160,000 miles on it to tow the trailer.

The funny thing is, that there is very little I want. Everything I need, I already have and if I don’t have it, then I don’t really need it. So the best part of having that much money is in sharing it with others.


Who's New

Who’s New
Author – Cindy Helms
Publisher – Set Free Publishing
Pages – 43
Release Date – 14th April 2016
Format – ebook, paperback

synopsis of a witch

Birdie and his friends are back! All of Birdie’s friends in the town of Ponderville are in for a treat. Someone new is moving to Ponderville!

In this second picture book by Cindy Helms, everyone is curious to see who could possibly be their new neighbor. Part mystery and part matching game, Birdie and his friends track down and reveal “Who’s New” with intriguing shapes leading the way. How well the newcomer will fit in? Will Ponderville be welcoming?

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