Youngest Female Author – Fun Fact Friday

Youngest Female Author – Fun Fact Friday

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When you think about published authors you don’t tend to think about children writing books, but over the years there have been quite a few who have, including Anne Frank, Alexander Pope, Alec Greven, and Daisy Ashford

However, the youngest female author to ever publish a book was just four years old at the time of writing it and her name was Dorothy Elmhirst Straight. She was six when it was published.

Dorothy was born in 1958 in Washington D.C. She wrote her book for her Grandmother, also called Dorothy (Payne Whitney) who was an American-born social activist, shortly after her mother asked her ‘Who made the world?’. Dorothy wrote and did all her own artwork for the book too which took her just one night to complete. Her parents loved it so much they sent it to a publishers.

Dorothy’s book was title ‘How the World Began’ and was published back in 1964 by Pantheon Books.

How the world began Youngest Female Author

*November 2006 – The youngest child author to publish a book was just 6 year and 118 days old and his name is Christopher Beale. His book This and Last Season’s Excursions was about his toys having adventures.

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