Backpack Chronicles: The Perspective by Adam Que – Book Review

Backpack Chronicles: The Perspective by Adam Que – Book Review

Backpack Chronicles The Perspective by Adam Que

Backpack Chronicles: The Perspective
Author – Adam Que
Pages – 140
Release Date – 9th December 2015
Format – ebook, paperback
Reviewer – Clive
I received a free copy of this book
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synopsis of a witch Backpack Chronicles

When you look through different lenses is when you see for the very first time, awakened. Making your point of view less distorted and skewed but rather simply more open.

This is a short story collection of contemporary-literary fiction. Each story examines the way the characters look at things and perceive the world around them. And how each character differs in doing that, or so they think? Because despite their differences the characters learn from and experience with one another.

As well as sharing similarities in their personalities. Simply put, they share their humanity and they share their rawest emotions even at their most vulnerable.

Review of a witch

Generally I shy away from short story collections because I know how hard it is to tell a meaningful tale in a few pages. All too often I find that I am just getting into the plot when the narrative ends and I am left either wondering what the story was about or I am shouting at the author for taking the characters away just as I got to know them.

Adam Que has produced ten stories here of varying length; each in its own way detailing the grittiness of today’s life as seen through his relatively young eyes. He does not spare us any detail and there are few happy endings.

The realism is emphasised by the colloquial language used, with several stories written in the first person. Although the synopsis suggested that the various characters see the world from the same perspective I have to say was not obvious to me.

That said, Adam has created some interesting characters, mainly twenty-somethings, who come from all walks of modern life and we learn much about their own thoughts and their relationships with others.

Each chapter has a full storyline which is sometimes simple and sometimes complex. Adam has a knack of throwing in a single line which helps explain the plot, yet at the same time opens up a whole storyline that I wanted explored.

Many of these stories deserve a second or third read because there is more to be drawn from them. If you enjoy it you might consider a hard copy which would be easier to pick up and select from when you have a spare twenty minutes or so.

If you want a light read with happy endings Backpack Chronicles is not the book for you but if you want a thought provoking view on the tougher sides of modern life then you should read this collection. I have therefore been pleased to award it four and a half stars.

Book Reviewed by Clive

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About the author of a witch

Adam Que

Adam Que was born (August 19,1988) and raised in New Jersey. Now living in Jersey City, Nj, he is a contemporary fiction writer who’s stories are very introspective. May they sometimes be comical, sarcastic, or in your face by nature, they usually tell a truth, are heartfelt, and life-examining.

Besides story telling he is an engaging poet, which is shown through his self-published poetry book called P.L.E.A.S.E. Also an athlete who has competed in many sports including amateur MMA, he notes the fact that competing, and working hard in athletics has helped him become a more disciplined and passionate writer.

Even though fairly young and in the beginning of his writing career, Adam Que wants to share his artistry, and his authentic point of view.

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