Call Me Kismet by PJ Mayhem – Book Review

Call Me Kismet by PJ Mayhem – Book Review

Call Me Kismet by PJ Mayhem

Call Me Kismet

Author – PJ Mayhem
Pages – 356
Released – 4th February 2020
ISBN-13 – 978-1925786934
Format – ebook, paperback
Rating – 3.5 Stars
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Fiona Johnson has embraced spirituality, taken on the name Kismet and considers her love life to be a past life. Between juggling Mandarin classes at night and a bitch of a boss during the day, she’s busy making plans to escape her mundane job and return to her beloved China—certain that’s where her future lies.

Or she was … until her Energetic and Spiritual Healer throws everything into disarray when she sees a soul mate in Kismet’s aura, launching Kismet on a mission to fulfil her romantic destiny.

All signs point to her mystery love being the local greengrocer she’s dubbed ‘the Singing Fruitologist’. But where she’s into self-help, he’s into sport. And there’s one critical thing he should be into but isn’t. Kismet.

It’s going to take a lot more than her usual affirmations and Lovers Oracle cards to force the hand of fate and deal with the havoc that Situation Singing Fruitologist causes in Kismet’s life—it’s going to take an entire Spiritual Support Pit Crew…

And even then, is it really written in the stars or can she create her own destiny?

Review by Stacey

Fiona Johnson or as she now wants to be known as ‘Kismet’ has decided to embrace all things spiritual and let fate control her life, including her future love life as her present one is non-existent.

When her spiritual healer Amethyst declares that she can see a man in her aura, Kismet sets her sights on that being the singing fruitologist at her local supermarket. But with her family not understanding her new lifestyle, her anxiety issues getting in the way and the fruitologist never seeming to be around when she visits, is this really the man in her aura?

Call Me Kismet is one of those books that you read the blurb, love it, and so you begin expecting to rush through it, loving every moment, laughing continuously along the way. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. In all honesty, the book confused me in parts as there are a lot of characters to remember. The read was slower than I expected as it felt like some parts were padded out, and whilst I laughed occasionally, it wasn’t the giggle-fest I was looking for.

Now you might be thinking that I didn’t enjoy the read but you would be wrong. Fiona/Kismet is a wonderful character trying to change her life and adopting spirituality to do that. She has a dull day job and so she wants to have a more exciting life outside the office. She also wants to find love but her anxiety issues prevent her from ever getting close to someone, so when her spiritual healer gives her the nod that there is someone who wants her it gives her a confidence boost.

Those who are looking for that special person to join their life will be able to relate to this book, the heart-pounding moments of seeing someone you like, trying to build up the confidence to speak to them, and then at the last minute backing out when doubts creep in.

The book is a decent summery read, one you can get lost. If you are looking for that rom-com that may just give you some tips on finding love and helping with anxiety and well-being then Call me Kismet is the one to purchase.

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2 Responses

  1. This sounds fun. Sorry it didn’t live up to your expectations but seems like it’s a good beach read.

  2. Thank you Kate for your comment. I would say it would make a good beach read, yes.