Closure, Jack Randall #1 by Randall Wood – Book Review

Closure, Jack Randall #1 by Randall Wood – Book Review

closure by Randall Wood

Closure – Jack Randall #1
Author – Randall Wood
Publisher – Tension Bookworks; 2nd edition
Pages – 452
Release Date – 21st December 2009
Format – ebook, paperback
Reviewer – Stacey
Rating 3.5 Stars
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synopsis of a witch Closure

Sam is a man on a mission. He believes that the world is corrupt and that the criminals in the world are getting an easy ride. There are too many criminals getting away with doing their deeds and then being let off. He feels that the American government is not doing its job properly and stopping these criminals from re offending once caught.

Using his army training, he decides that he’s going to bring retribution for the American people.

He has compiled a list of targets, criminals and their associates who have helped them escape justice.

He has one problem though, he’s sick and getting sicker. He is finding each of his missions harder than the one before, but he knows he must go through with his plan. It’s what he needs to do for his family.

Jack Randall is an FBI agent. When he is assigned a case of a lawyer being shot, he doesn’t understand why, until they show him the letter. A letter address just to him. It had been left near the charred remains of a gun and clothes used by the shooter. The letter explains why the killer is killing and that there will be more.

It is up to Jack and his dedicated team, including his ex girlfriend to find this person before they kill again. They underestimate their killer though and are shocked at how quickly the killer’s targets are being killed.

Now a race has begun. Can Sam complete his list before being caught or becoming too ill to finish it? Can Jack identify and find the killer before they have an epidemic on their hands, whilst at the same time as trying to stop copycat killers?

Review of a witch Closure

Closure is the first book in the Jack Randall series. Jack is ex-military and uses all of his training to help catch his killer. He is smart, logical and caring, but there is something about this killer than he can’t quite put his finger on.

Sam is a man on a mission, he has been through tremendous grief and pain and now is extremely sick. He feels that the only thing left in his life is to do what the law is unable to do; kill those that are getting away with their crimes, or those that are abetting them.

I couldn’t choose a side, as Jack is this warm character, who is trying to do the best for everyone. He is the law, and although he understands why his killer is killing, he still must catch them and bring them to justice. He has great faith in his team and is working around the clock, but knows his loyalty to the job is putting a strain on his marriage.

Sam isn’t portrayed as the ‘bad guy’. From the first hit, you’re with Sam. You get to hear the targets background story and why Sam feels they need to be brought to his justice. I felt this longing for Sam to get a clean away and not be caught, but feared that once he had completed his last hit, being caught is what he wanted.

When you find out the reason why Sam is ticking off his targets, you understand why. You’re with Sam as he pulls the trigger as well as at his hospital appointments in periods of intense pain, when his illness is taking over his body.

Hearing Sam’s back story brought it all home and I felt sorry for a guy who has been so let down by the ‘system’, that he thought he had nowhere else to turn to, except to use his skills and take justice into his own hands.

Closure is written in the third person so we get to see and feel everyone’s emotions throughout the book, but its mainly Sam and Jack’s that the plot follows.

I did enjoy the book, but I found myself stopping and starting. There wasn’t that urge like with most books that I have read, to find out ‘what happened next’ and carry on reading until I knew.

It was towards the end though that I really struggled with the book. I needed to know what was going to happen to Sam, whether he would complete his list, be caught, or would his illness catch up with him first? But I started skipping out sections, especially a couple of chapters where we had paramedics working on a one of Sam’s targets. I felt personally that it didn’t add to the storyline.

I’m not sure at this moment whether I would read any more in the series. I do like the character, Jack, but I want more excitement in a thriller. I want that urge to need to know what’s happening next and why, and be shocked at some of the twists, but I didn’t notice any twists in this book.

It’s a shame because I loved the plot and all the facts that you learn throughout the book. I loved the way it was written, up to the last few chapters, and it’s those last few that spoiled it for me.

Saying that though, I am still glad that I read it. I just wanted more action, excitement and to be surprised now and again.

Seeing as Closure is the first in a series, I’m hoping that the intensity and drama pick up in the other books.

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