Can’t Buy Me Love by Jane Lovering – Cover Reveal

Can’t Buy Me Love by Jane Lovering – Cover Reveal

Today we welcome author Jane Lovering with the cover reveal for her upcoming new book ‘Can’t Buy Me Love‘, which will be released on 28th June 2016. This post contains affiliate links.

Can't Buy me Love by Jane Lovering

Can’t Buy Me Love
Author – Jane Lovering
Publisher – Choc Lit
Pages – 311
Release Date – 28th June 2016
Format – ebook, paperback

synopsis of a witch

Is it all too good to be true?

When Willow runs into her old university crush, Luke, she’s a new woman with a new look – not to mention a little bit more cash after a rather substantial inheritance. Could she be lucky enough to score a fortune and her dream man at the same time?

Then Willow meets Cal; a computer geek with a slightly odd sense of humour. They get on like a house on fire — although she soon realises that there is far more to her unassuming new friend than meets the eye.

But money doesn’t always bring happiness, and Willow finds herself struggling to know who to trust. Are the new people in her life there because they care – or is there another reason?


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About the author of a witch

Jane Lovering

Jane was, presumably, born, although everyone concerned denies all knowledge. However there is evidence that her early years were spent in Devon (she can still talk like a pirate under the right conditions) and of her subsequent removal to Yorkshire under a sack and sedation.

She now lives in North Yorkshire, where she writes romantic comedies and labours under the tragic misapprehension that Johnny Depp is coming for her any day now. Owing to a terrible outbreak of insanity she is now the minder of five cats and three dogs – just as the five kids showed signs of leaving home, and she has to spend considerable amounts of time in a darkened room as a result (of the animals, not the kids leaving home).

Jane’s likes include marshmallows, the smell of cucumbers and the understairs cupboard, words beginning with B, and Doctor Who. She writes with her laptop balanced on her knees whilst lying on her bed, and her children have been brought up to believe that real food has a high carbon content. And a kind of amorphous shape.

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for being part of my cover reveal! It’s such a lovely cover, isn’t it? Just wish the weather was that nice in real life (freezing in Yorkshire, with gale force winds and that horrible rain that isn’t proper rain but gets you damp anyway).

    • whisperingstories says:

      You’re cover is beautiful. The weather in Manchester today is actually quite nice. We have sunshine and it’s lovely and warm (makes a change). 🙂