Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis – Book Review

Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis – Book Review

Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis

Eight Perfect Hours

Author – Lia Louis
Publisher – Orion
Pages – 217
Released – 17th June 2021
ISBN-13 – 978-1398703261
Format – ebook, paperback, audio
Rating – 4.5 Stars
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What if you fell in love…and then he disappeared?

When Noelle and Sam’s lives collide one snowy evening, they spend eight perfect hours stuck side by side believing that they’ll never see each other again.

But soon their lives become entangled in ways they never expected – and it’s going to change everything…

Review by Stacey

On the way back from a school reunion party Noelle Butterby hits traffic on the motorway eventually coming to a stop due to heavy snow and a jack-knifed lorry.

She is in a bit of a panic as her phone has died and she needs to check on her disabled mother, who recently had a stroke. In the car next to her is Sam, an American who was heading to the airport to return home. He offers Noelle the use of his charger and for the next few hours the pair chat endlessly about everything and anything, then in the early hours of the morning the road reopens and they go their separate way.

Noelle’s old best friend who died when they were teenagers believed a Chinese proverb about an invisible red thread that connects those that are destined to meet and sure enough, Noelle and Sam now can’t help bumping into one another.

Eight Perfect Hours is a feel-good book that had me rooting for these two caring and likeable characters who after a chance encounter on the motorway now can’t stop bumping into one another. I loved the plot and the idea of the invisible red thread – I’d never heard of the proverb before.

There were some secondary plots involving ex’s family, and friends, which I wasn’t that interested in as they contained some characters that really got on my nerves, especially Ed and Dilly. However, luckily these didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the main plot which was heart-warming, realistic, and sweet.

The book feels very much like a plot from a romance movie with two people who clearly like one another but life and circumstances stand in their way but destiny, or the red thread, have other ideas. It genuinely is a beautiful book, which is well-written and had me gripped to the pages finishing it in just two sittings.

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Author Info

Lia Louis Eight Perfect Hours

Lia Louis lives in the United Kingdom with her partner and three young children. Before raising a family, she worked as a freelance copywriter and proofreader. She was the 2015 winner of Elle magazine’s annual writing competition and has been a contributor for Bloomsbury’s Writers and Artist’s blog for aspiring writers. She is also the author of Somewhere Close to Happy and Dear Emmie Blue.

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8 Responses

  1. Jo Linsdell says:

    Eight Perfect Hours sounds like a great read. Would be perfect for my clock reading challenge too.

  2. vidya says:

    Oh, I think I will love this book.. Thank you for the intro and your lovely review

  3. DJ Sakata says:

    This sounds like something I would enjoy, thanx for sharing this.

  4. Nadene says:

    This sounds wonderful. It would make a good lifetime or Hallmark movie.

  5. Thank you Jo. Good to hear that you like the sound of Eight Perfect Hours.

  6. Thank you Vidya. Good to hear this is a book for you.

  7. Thank you DJ. Glad you like the sound of the book.

  8. Thank you Nadene. I totally agree, it really would.