Post-Midnight Blues by Rae Toonery – Promo Post

Post-Midnight Blues by Rae Toonery – Promo Post

AD – Today on the blog we welcome author Rae Toonery, with their Promotional Post for their new book ‘Post-Midnight Blues: The trapped narrative of a harrowed hermit and her home-sick hound‘, which was released on 25th July 2021 and is available in ebook, paperback and FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

From 1st-5th November Post-Midnight Blues will be free to download on Kindle too.

Post-Midnight Blues by Rae Toonery

Post-Midnight Blues

Author – Rae Toonery
Pages – 219
Release Date – 979-8543559918
ISBN 13 – 25th July 2021
Format – ebook, paperback


She’s a neurotic non-binary seeking forgiveness; he’s a heartbroken hound desperately seeking his master: together they are… dysfunctional.

Con is living in self-imposed isolation after an accidental death that she blames herself for. Her only contact with the outside world is the occasional midnight trip to the local supermarket and her visits from loyal colleague, Sandeep.

Deadpan companion, Heathcliffe the Lurcher, has his own issues: most notably an inexplicable fixation with post boxes. Can these two social misfits find a way to readjust and make peace with the past?

What Reviewers’ are Saying

Apart from the obvious, laugh out loud humour I also love the fact that Heathcliffe himself is on his own mission to be reunited with his previous owner – 5 Stars

I loved this book – Con and Sandeep are a relatable, enjoyable and realistic pair of friends – 5 Stars

Heathcliffe’s dry thoughts are often hilarious and offer a stark contrast to Con’s state of mind. – 4 Stars

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“Always this: come back, it’s not your fault, see someone. It’s like you’re talking in code. What isn’t her fault? See someone? She’s seeing someone now you silly. She’s seeing you. Sandeep? Heathcliffe places his paw in Sandeep’s lap and tilts his head from side to side.”

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Author Info

Rae Toonery Post Midnight Blues

Rae Toonery is the author of a collection of genre-defying novels, such as The Livingston Theory and Post-Midnight Blues. Their fictional landscapes are inhabited by a cast of oddballs, obsessives and officious ogres. Before turning to longer form writing, they dabbled in poetry, studying Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University.

Before that, they had a myriad of uninspiring jobs, from folding socks to labelling dog meat, to selling pasties. Rae lives in the Midlands with their beloved companion, Jess the rescue dog.

They are non-binary, vegan and a 365-days-a-year cyclist.

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6 Responses

  1. Finitha Jose says:

    Free books are hard to resist when they come with such attractive covers like this.

  2. Nadene says:

    Looks good. for sharing.

  3. vidya says:

    love the title and the book sounds interesting. thanks for telling us about the promo

  4. Thank you Finitha. I totally agree with you. I hope you enjoy it.

  5. Thanks Nadene. Good that you like the look of the book.

  6. Thank you Vidya. Glad that you like the sound of the book and the title.