Fun Fact Friday – 24th July 2015

Fun Fact Friday -24th July 2015

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Reading your way out of prison

Federal Penitentiary Catanduvas

A new scheme was set up back in 2012 to allow prisoners in Brazil to reduce their sentences by reading.

‘Redemption through Reading’ program, allows the inmates to reduce their sentences by four days for each book they read.

The four federal penitentiaries in Brazil, Catanduvas, Campo Grande, Porto Velho and Mossoró, all holding some of the country’s most notorious criminals, take part in the scheme.

A special panel was set up to decide which prisoners are allowed to take part in the program.

The idea is that inmates have four weeks to read a book from the literature, philosophy, science, or the classics genres. They must then write an essay on that book, using joined up writing, correct grammar and be free from spelling mistakes. If the essay is satisfactory, the sentence of the inmate will then be reduced, by four days.

The prisoners have the chance to earn themselves forty-eight days reduction in their sentences each year by reading a maximum of twelve books, and can take part in the scheme yearly.

The idea is that the inmates will get an enlarged vision of the world and become a better person through reading, as well as helping increase the literacy rate of the prisoners, where over 70% of them did not complete their education, and roughly 10% are illiterate.

Fun – Now that’s what you call a ‘Novel Idea’!

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