Legal Crime by Samiksha Bhattacharjee – Book Review

Legal Crime by Samiksha Bhattacharjee – Book Review

Legal Crime by Samiksha Bhattacharjee

Legal Crime

Author – Samiksha Bhattacharjee
Publisher – The Conrad Press
Pages – 193
Released – 15th February 2021
Format – ebook, paperback
Rating – 3.5 Stars
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This exciting and captivating page-turner transports you into the fascinating story of sixteen-year-old aspiring singer Fiona Watson who runs away from her family, oblivious to the dangers outside her shielded comfort zone. As she journeys through her new world, leaving her past behind and determined to find a new identity, she uncovers surprising secrets buried deep within her long ago…

How do her new friends link to her past? What secrets are they hiding behind their misleading smiles? How much of herself has she really left behind? And how will she cope when she realises that she has made a huge mistake… one that could ruin her forever?

Review by Jane

For a debut novel by a thirteen-year-old author, this is an incredible achievement and the perfect read for young adults. It’s fast-paced and Bhattacharjee’s wonderful descriptions are very accomplished and dynamic for an author of her young years.

Sixteen-year-old Fiona Watson feels snubbed by her parents who she believes favour her eight-year-old younger brother, Jack, and she decides to run away from home. She’s keen to become a singer and as the story unfolds, it’s clear that it is not just her parents that have led her to want to run away as she has clearly been having issues at school with her best friend, Luna, and the pressure she feels to hang out with the ‘popular girls’.

Through her journey, she meets a wonderful group of friends who help her in discovering herself and deciding inevitably whether she should return home as she begins to regret her decision. But as she opens up, can Fiona, or as she now likes to be known, Isabelle Smith, truly trust these new friends and what secrets they are hiding. Fortunately for Fiona, her parents are hot on her tail and despite embracing the newly created persona of Isabelle Smith, she always returns to her familiar self, Fiona.

On occasions, I did find it difficult to follow the story as the time-based jumps are sometimes a bit hard to follow but all in all, it’s incredibly imaginative for an author of her age and I think she has a wonderful future in writing.

This is a lovely tale of friendship draped in an adventure story, with the theme clearly about identity. This book is perfect for teens and their struggles with the pressure of fitting in and how they should look, the force of destiny, and where it can lead.

This is the perfect read for Young Adults.

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Author Info

Samiksha Bhattacharjee legal crime

Samiksha Bhattacharjee is a thirteen-year-old British author living with her parents and younger brother. She started writing ‘Legal Crime’ when she was seven, and hopes to inspire other children to start creative writing too. She also enjoys acting, singing, drawing and talking (a lot).

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12 Responses

  1. the author is going to have a bright future! how impressive

  2. Jo Linsdell says:

    “debut novel by a thirteen-year-old author” ok I’m already impressed. I’m not a fan of time jumps but I’m intrigued to check this out.

  3. DJ Sakata says:

    I am completely blown away that this is the debut of a thirteen-year-old author who started this book at age seven. I was still reading picture books with Dick and Jane at age seven…

  4. Megan | Bookstacks & Golden Moms says:

    Not to sound like a broken record after everyone else … but, a 13 year old author?? That is amazing! I’m not sure Legal Crime is my kind of book but what a great start for a young author.

  5. This pulled me in from the cover, and reading the summary and your review really cemented my interest in it. I was so shocked to find out a 13-year-old wrote it. That’s absolutely awesome.

  6. Samiksha says:

    Thank you so much for your review, Jane! Happy that you enjoyed reading ‘Legal Crime’.

  7. Thanks Nikki, I totally agree with you as she writes this good at such a young age.

  8. Thanks Jo. I know debuting her skills at just thirteen years old. Impressive.

  9. Thanks DJ, I can totally agree with you. I was still reading kiddies books too at that age.

  10. Thanks Megan. I think everyone is really surprised at how old the author is. Especially as the book is a great read.

  11. Thanks Kate, I know. I really think the young author has a bright future ahead of her.

  12. Thank you Samiksha, I’m so happy to hear you liked Jane’s review for your book.