Life’s Not Over Yet by Vidisha Chandna Dua – Book Review

Life’s Not Over Yet by Vidisha Chandna Dua – Book Review

Lifes Not Over Yet by Vidisha Chandna Dua

Life’s Not Over Yet

Author – Vidisha Chandna Dua
Publisher – Blurb
Pages – 61
Released – 20th January 2021
ISBN-13 – 978-1715453411
Format – ebook, paperback, hardcover
Rating – 4 Stars
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Trisha moves to Chail, a beautiful hill station to escape from her past on the advice of her friend. She realises soon enough that her friend has not told her everything.

In time Dev and her, become good friends. Even though they both start caring for each other, she is not able to forget her past or share her past with him.

Trisha must decide what is more important, her past or her future. Will she give up on her dreams and resign herself to her fate or take one day at a time and start rebuilding her life again.

Life’s not over yet is a heart-warming love story that shows you, life can be magical as well as painful. At any moment your entire life can change for better or for worse. The best way to enjoy the magic or survive the pain is to surround yourselves with the people who love you.

Review by Stacey

Life’s Not Over Yet is a short slow-burn romance novella of just 61 pages. The book opens with Trisha arriving in Hill Station, Chail, India looking for a fresh start and to reflect on the past. Her friend has arranged accommodation for her, which she believes is a one-bedroom apartment, but turns out to be a room in Doctor Dev’s house.

Dev is fiercely independent and likes his privacy. He was persuaded by his sister to let an ‘older’ woman who needed somewhere to stay live with him for a few days, but when he was drunk she got him to sign a one-year lease.

The characters are well developed and enjoyable to follow. Dev came across as a bit arrogant at the beginning but then he had been duped into letting someone stay at his house for a year. Trisha is a private character who doesn’t like talking about her past. You know something happened but it isn’t until late in the plot that you discover what.

Although the story is only 61 pages at times it felt longer as sometimes there were passages that felt unnecessary, fillers that didn’t add anything to the plot. Other times the book was absorbing, especially the conversations Dev and Trisha had.

Vidisha Chandna Dua has a knack for recreating real-life in her work and just as she did in her previous work we reviewed ‘Love and Hate‘ she has created a short story I read in one sitting and with a twist I didn’t see coming.

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Vidisha Chandna Dua Lifes Not Over Yet

Ever since she can remember Vidisha has been a daydreamer. She loves to travel, try different cuisines, dance, listen to music and most of all she loves to read. She is also a Chartered Accountant who has worked in the Finance industry for over 11 years.

Vidisha took a break from work when her daughter was born. Her life changed when she took her daughter to her first dance class. She had an hour to spare so she started writing a story and then there was no looking back. Her first Romance Novella ‘Life’s Not Over Yet’ is the first in a series of books about life. With life experiences from the Middle East, Scandinavia, Australia and India, Vidisha weaves an emotional and romantic journey for her characters.

She has always believed that if you really want something, the universe will come together and open doors that you never thought existed, all you have to do is listen and look carefully around you.

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12 Responses

  1. DJ Sakata says:

    Must have been a busy 61 pages

  2. Finitha Jose says:

    Looks like an easy read for work nights.

  3. I’m intrigued. I love a good romance novella.

  4. vidya says:

    61 pages sounds perfect for those in-between reads

  5. Nadene says:

    Quick and easy does it. Perfect for when you need something short and sweet.

  6. Robin Loves Reading says:

    Novellas can be hard to review. Excellent job.

  7. The book was jam packed with storylines.

  8. I can confirm that it is.

  9. Glad I have intrigued you. I think you would love it.

  10. I can agree with that. Sometimes you just want a short read.

  11. It most certainly is.

  12. That they can. Thanks