Madame Badobedah by Sophie Dahl – Book Review

Madame Badobedah by Sophie Dahl – Book Review

Madame Badobedah by Sophie Dahl

Madame Badobedah

Author – Sophie Dahl
Illustrator – Lauren O’Hara
Publisher – Walker Books
Pages – 56
Released – 3rd October 2019
ISBN-13 – 978-1406384406
Format – ebook, hardcover, audio
Review by – Stacey
Rating – 4 Stars
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A timeless story celebrating friendship and imagination, from an exciting new voice in children’s literature.

Mabel lives with her parents in The Mermaid Hotel, by the sea. Mabel likes to keep an eye on the comings and goings of all the guests. Then one day a particularly in-ter-est-ing old lady comes to stay. There is something very suspicious about her, with her growly voice and her heavy trunks and her beady-eyed tortoise. And why does no one know her REAL name? There can only be one answer, Mabel decides … this guest is a SUPERVILLAIN.

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Little Mabel’s parents own a Bed and Breakfast called The Mermaid Hotel. One day a new guest checked in with lots and lots of heavy luggage. She was an older woman with bright red lips and an awful attitude, Mabel called her Madame Badobedah.

Mabel thought there was something fishy about the woman and decided she would become a spy and find out if the new guest really was a ‘Super Villain’ and stop her plan for domination.

Madame Badobedah is a lovely, sweet book told in three parts. Mabel is used to there being lots of guests at her parent’s B&B but they normally only stay a night or two and are usually polite and don’t have lots of heavy luggage with them, they also don’t call her ‘Darlink’ instead of darling.

She decides she is going to find out what the new guest is up to and the first thing she does is to spy through the keyhole of room 32, where the woman is staying, she is surprised what she sees the woman removing from her bag, as well as seeing her crying.

One day Mabel is caught in the act but Madame Badobedah isn’t mad, she invites Mabel in for tea, but Mabel decides this is a good time to carry on her investigations and interrogate the woman.

The illustrations throughout bring the story to life and engage the reader. The creative nature of the book is delightful and I love how Ms. Dahl has brought together two very different characters, especially their ages and created this amazing imaginative story.

The only thing I’m not sure on is where this book fits into the children’s market as it is too long and has too much text to be a picture book, but it is a bit young for a middle-grade reader. Wherever it fits I can confirm the reader will be getting a real adventure of a story and one that will keep them hooked the whole way through.

Book Reviewer – Stacey

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About the Author

Sophie Dahl Madame Badobedah

Sophie Dahl (born Sophie Holloway) is an English author, cookbook writer and former model. She was born in London, the daughter of actor Julian Holloway and writer Tessa Dahl.

Her maternal grandparents were author Roald Dahl and actress Patricia Neal. Her paternal grandfather was actor Stanley Holloway. She was the inspiration for Sophie, the main character in her maternal grandfather’s book The BFG.




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  1. C. Ryan says:

    This looks really cute. Such a super review. Good you enjoyed it.

  2. It really is. Thank you.