Mouse and Mole: Lo and Behold! by Joyce Dunbar – Book Review

Mouse and Mole: Lo and Behold! by Joyce Dunbar – Book Review

Lo and Behold Mouse and Mole by Joyce Dunbar

Mouse and Mole: Lo and Behold!

Author – Joyce Dunbar
Illustrator – James Mayhew
Publisher – Graffeg
Pages – 32
Released – 21st October 2021
ISBN-13 – 978-1914079658
Format – ebook, paperback
Rating – 5 Stars
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Celebrate this festive season with three brand new Mouse and Mole short stories by Joyce Dunbar and James Mayhew.


Mole wakes one morning to find the ground is covered in snow! Mouse and Mole decide to build their very own snowy friend – Snowmole – but Mole doesn’t want to leave him alone so decides to keep him company all night long and wakes to find another snowy surprise.

Lo and Behold!

Mole is impatiently waiting for Christmas to come when Mouse presents Mole with a brilliant gift – an advent calendar! Mouse and Mole use the advent calendar to countdown to Christmas and complete all the festive chores that need to be done and before they know it…it’s Christmas Eve!

A Bump in the Night

Late at night on Christmas Eve, Mouse and Mole are getting ready for bed, when they realise they’ve forgotten a few important tasks – putting the stockings by the chimney, leaving the mince pies and cherry brandy out for Father Christmas and sending their Christmas lists – but as they finish these jobs something goes BUMP! in the night…

Review by Stacey

Mouse and Mole: Lo and Behold! is a children’s book containing three stories. Snowmole, Lo and Behold! and A Bump in the Night. It is also book number seven in the Mouse and Mole series.

In Snowmole, the friends wake up to find that snow has fallen overnight. They decide to spend the day playing in it and then they make a snowmole but Mole feels sorry for it being left outside on its own and wants to stay with it, but Mouse has a better idea.

In Lo and Behold!, it is the first day of December and time to get the Advent calendar out. As Mouse goes off to get a hook to hang it up, Mole gets overexcited and starts opening all the doors as he wants Christmas to come quicker, but what will Mouse have to say?

In A Bump in the Night, It is Christmas Eve and the two friends have gone to bed, ready for the big day tomorrow. However, during the night they both start to worry if they have left enough mince pies out or whether they have posted their Christmas lists. So they each sneak out of bed trying not to wake the other one, but who might they bump into?

This collection of stories reminds me of the books I used to read as a child. Very sweet, lovely stories that feel a little old-fashioned but are ideal for getting children into the Christmas spirit. They feel warm and inviting and are perfect for bedtime.

The illustrations are beautiful and adorn every page, making the tales come to life. They are made to look like small snapshots of the friend’s lives with their rough edges and scenes that carry on from one another.

Mouse and Mole: Lo and Behold! is a superb book. I loved everything about it, from the two caring and loving friends to the nostalgic feeling you get when you read it. It is a tremendous read and I am sure children will adore it.

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Author Info

Joyce Dunbar Mouse and Mole Lo and Behold

Joyce Dunbar is best known for her lively and quirky picture books stories, with their wide emotional range. The Guardian has named her as ‘one of the best writers for children today’ with praise for her ‘sensitivity, lyrical style and gentle humour’.

She revels in the joy of language, the playfulness of words, and in seeing her work fabulously brought to life by world-class illustrators including her daughter Polly Dunbar. Many of her stories have been dramatised for the stage and as puppet shows, with Longnosepuppets and Norwich Puppet Theatre.

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