Stalking Gideon Cain by Kerry Alan Denney – Book Review

Stalking Gideon Cain by Kerry Alan Denney – Book Review

Stalking Gideon Cain by Kerry Alan Denney

Stalking Gideon Cain

Author – Kerry Alan Denney
Publisher – thewordverve inc
Pages – 336
Released – 15th May 2021
ISBN-13 – 978-1948225960
Format – ebook, paperback
Rating – 3.5 Stars
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Bestselling author Gideon Cain is losing his mind. Everywhere he turns lately, the femme fatales from his psychological thrillers show up-live and in person. Are they actresses playing a cruel joke on him, figments of his increasingly terrifying delusions, or fantastical vigilantes sprung to life from the pages of his books? All he knows for certain is if he doesn’t find answers soon, he’s bound for the psych ward.

When one of his fictional antagonists poisons him on a flight home from a book-signing tour, he realizes that someone isn’t just messing with his mind-they’re trying to kill him.

Now he’s running for his life from an enemy with a weapon so deadly it can kill with the touch of a button. Only an enigmatic woman from his tragic past can help him discover the truth behind his adversary’s vendetta. And time is running out to stop the madman who is stalking Gideon Cain.

Review by Clive

Firstly thank you to Kerry Alan Denney for the advance copy of Stalking Gideon Cain but other commitments prevented me from completing the book before the publication date.

The story starts intriguingly with Brendan Callahan-McCallum (aka Gideon Cain) meeting in real life of one of his fictional characters. This picks at his mind during which time we discover his literary and personal background. There are other, similar appearances until he discovers what is behind them.

Denney has previously published several novels and he clearly has good writing skills. His descriptions are detailed and as the story is predominantly told from Brendan’s perspective we get to fully understand his character. I say “predominantly” because we do get action from a few other characters, including, rather oddly, a chapter written from the perspective of a dog!

He also had a tendency to use a few words repeatedly. Call me a nerd but Kindle made it easy for me to count the 15 uses of mash, mashing or mashed.

During the narrative we met an interesting mix of characters, no doubt inspired by real people that the author has met. Most appeared true to life although the villain came over as a power fanatic whose actions and desires appeared to grossly exceed the hurt suffered. I also found Callie and Shirley a little unreal; I almost expected them to have supernatural powers.

The story moved at a reasonable pace and it was easy to follow. After the appearances of the femmes fatale there were various attacks, chases and escapes with a dramatic confrontation to end the story. Some aspects of the plot were unreal and at times I felt the story dragged, partly because it failed to get me sufficiently interested in the possible outcomes.

Stalking Gideon Cain is a passable story giving a reasonable read with some surprises and lively action. I have awarded three and a half stars.

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Author Info

Kerry Alan Denney Stalking Gideon Cain

Kerry Alan Denney aka “The Reality Bender” is the multiple award-winning author of seven published novels and numerous short stories. Denney blends elements of suspense, thriller, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, and various ways the world ends in his work: speculative fiction at its wildest and craziest. With glee and a touch of madness, he writes reality-bending thrillers even when the voices don’t make him do it. His protagonists are his children, and he loves them as dearly as he despises his antagonists … even when he has to kill them.

Denney lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia with Gypsy Dancer, his remarkably exuberant and eternally high-energy fur-ever companion. He is currently training Gypsy to be a therapy dog and writing his next thriller … and deciding who to kill in it.

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8 Responses

  1. DJ Sakata says:

    I’m not familiar with this author but doesn’t look like this is the one to start with.

  2. Excellent, honest, in depth review.

  3. Finitha Jose says:

    I am really intrigued by the story. Thanks for sharing

  4. Megan | Bookstacks & Golden Moms says:

    I can’t say that I’ve ever read a book with a bit written from a dog’s perspective. That’s intriguing! Great review 🙂

  5. Thank you DJ, Glad I have introduced you to a new author.

  6. Thank you Kate for your comment, glad you liked our interview.

  7. Thank you for commenting Finitha, Good to see you are intrigued.

  8. Thank you Megan for your comment, I haven’t either, though I have from a cat’s POV.