The Bobbling Series by Inger Brown – Promo Post

The Bobbling Series by Inger Brown – Promo Post

Sponsored Post. Today we welcome author Inger Brown with her promotional post for her children’s book series ‘The Bobbling‘. There are currently three books in the series with more to follow.

Inger Brown

Inger Brown was born in Cornwall and grew up in Somerset. She created The Bobbling whilst at art college for which she achieved a distinction for the first story. After finishing art college Inger took a detour and studied jewellery making and lampworking which is making glass beads, she did this for several years and then returned to her first love of illustration.

Initially starting off with studies of fantasy creatures, manga and Chinese brush painting developing her own style, she started experimenting with a dragon character and self-published her first book “Dragon’s don’t”. After advice from a publisher encouraging her Inger decided to return to The Bobbling and wrote new stories for the character.

In July 2017 “The Bobbling and the Flood” was published and he was launched as a character for children. The book has been nominated for The International Rubery Award and has gained many positive reviews!

In common with most authors and illustrators nowadays Inger has decided to self-publish and release more Bobbling stories in both printed.

The Bobbling Series

The bobbling and the flood book one Inger Brown

The Bobbling and the Flood #1

Pages – 32
Release Date – 31st July 2017
ISBN 13 – 978-1528924863
Format – ebook, paperback

New Synopsis

Bobbling Poodle Doodle sat at home while it rained, and rained, and rained. In fact, it rained so much that it flooded his house, and his garden, and all the land around!

As far as Bobbling could see, the water stretched over the ground. Bobbling decided something had to be done, so he set off in his umbrella to search… … he was searching for the plug hole.

Purchase online from:

the bobbling and the flood images Inger Brown

The bobbling and the cake book two Inger Brown

The Bobbling and the Cake #2

Pages – 28
Release Date – 1st May 2019
ISBN 13 – 978-1096117919
Format – paperback

New Synopsis

The Bobbling’s birthday cake disappears before his party what will he do? Another Bobbling Poodle Doodle story and his journey on learning about forgiveness.

Purchase online from:

The bobbling and the cake images Inger Brown

The Bobbling's Space Adventure Inger Brown

The Bobbling’s Space Adventure #3

Pages – 28
Release Date – 15th June 2019
ISBN 13 – 978-1074171735
Format – paperback

New Synopsis

Bobbling Poodle Doodle is on another adventure, this time he is off in his spaceship to discover a new planet. He meets Bulblet a space poodle!

Join Bobbling Poodle Doodle as he discovers this new world and meets new friends.

Purchase online from:

The bobblings space adventure image Inger Brown

Praise for the Bobbling Series

– The illustrations are delightful and full of vitality – Amazon Reviewer (5 Stars)

– The strength of this book is the imaginative illustrations and the little details on every page. – Rubery Award (5 Stars)

– My daughter loved this cute and beautiful little book! – Amazon Reviewer (5 Stars)

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What did you think of the books? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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