Anouk and the Secrets of Happiness by Kai Zaremba – Book Review

Anouk and the Secrets of Happiness by Kai Zaremba – Book Review

Anouk and the Secrets of Happiness by Kai Zaremba

Anouk and the Secrets of Happiness

Author – Kai Zaremba
Pages – 59
Released – 6th February 2021
ISBN-13 – 979-8703572382
Format – paperback
Rating – 4 Stars
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Anouk was beside herself with joy. She had just learned from her teacher that the new subject “Happiness” was about to start in the coming school year. The homework assignment was: “What makes me happy? “Anouk decided to unravel this mystery over the summer holidays. An illustrated story (not only) for children about the 4 happiness hormones and how to activate them.

Review by Stacey

Anouk and the Secrets of Happiness is a children’s picture book that follows young Anouk as she travels across her hometown looking for the secrets to happiness for a school project. She meets a monk, a businesswoman, a sportsman, and a young woman (the story doesn’t mention what this woman’s profession is).

Each of these people gives Anouk some of their ideas of what happiness is to them, including meditation, holding an animal or a baby, taking good care of yourself, and playing sports.

I enjoyed the book and following Anouk on her travels as she meets new people who all have something to offer her to help with her school project. There were some great ideas, though I do feel that the book needs to add that happiness means something different to each person. What one person finds is their happiness, someone else might detest. You don’t want children thinking that these things are what should be making them feel happy.

I also have my reservations about a book showing a young girl wandering into the mountains and people’s homes that she has never met before and alone. I like the idea behind the book and I think a book about happiness and how to achieve it and what it means to people is a fantastic idea and that author Kai Zaremba has done a lovely job, but as a parent, I would not allow my young daughter to travel the city far and wide and meet strangers and you have to be careful what ideas you put into young minds.

The illustrations were colourful and bright, though a little small for the book (half the size of the page). They did show what was happening at each stage and were fun to look at and enjoy.

Overall, despite the little issues above the book is enjoyable and a very sweet read.

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  1. Alison Cox says:

    Everyone deserves to be happy. What an adorable little book.