Fun Fact Friday – 15th May 2015

Fun Fact Fact – 15th May 2015

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Franz Kafka

Author Franz Kafka, (3rd July 1883 – 3rd June 1924), wrote many books during his life time, including short stories, a novella and three novels.

However his three novels, ‘Amerika’, ‘The Trial’ and ‘The Castle’, were all published after Kafka’s death.


Because Kafka never completed any of his novels himself.

When Kafka died in 1924, all of his manuscripts, notebooks etc were left to his friend and Literary Executor, Max Brod. Kafka left strict instructions to Max, that all of his works, both published and unpublished, were to be destroyed.

However, Max decided to ignore Kafka’s request and began editing, rearranging, and writing sections of Kafka’s novels to complete them so that he could have them published.

The Trial by Franz Kafka

‘The Trial’ was written by Kafka between 1914 – 1915. Max Brod finalised and released the book for publishing in 1925. Kafka did however complete the final chapter, which he wrote at the same time as writing the first chapter. The original manuscript is held at ‘The Museum of Modern Literature’, Germany.

The Castle by Franz Kafka

His novel ‘The Castle’ was completed and published in 1926, two years after his death. Kafka started writing the book on the 27th January 1922 but gave up on it on 11th November 1922. In a letter to Max he stated, “he was giving up on the book and would never return to it”.

Amerika by Franz Kafka

Kafka’s ‘The Man who disappeared’/’The Missing Person’ or ‘Amerika’ as Max renamed it, was published in 1927. It was the last of his three novels to be published, (although it was the first of the three incomplete novels). The book was left unfinished in the middle of the chapter ‘The Nature Theatre of Oklahoma’. The original manuscript was donated to ‘University of Oxford’, London.


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