Fun Fact Friday – 20th March 2015

Fun Fact Friday – 20th March 2015

dustin-lee-19667-unsplash - Fun Fact Friday - 20th March 2015

Mills and Boon

The M6 Toll road in the West Midlands, United Kingdom, was constructed with the help of 2,500,000 Mills and Boon romance novels.

45,000 novels were needed for every mile of the motorway, which were pulped at a recycling firm in south Wales and then used in preparation for the top layer of the tarmac going on.

No need to worry though, all the books were either damaged or end of line copies and collected from across the UK. Books have absorbent qualities which make them a fabulous ingredient to hold the Tarmac.

So next time you’re driving along the M6, beware you may just start feeling all romantic!


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