Fun Fact Friday – 9th October 2015

Fun Fact Friday – 9th October 2015

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Dymocks book store, Alice Springs, Australia, thought they had a vandal on the loose, back in August 2007, when a man was seen to enter the store, write in numerous books and then leave.

The alarm was raised to the shop manager by an eagle-eyed customer. By the time the manager had reached the books, the man was no longer in the store and she found six books had been written in.

However the books hadn’t been randomly vandalised; there was a signature inside each one.

On locating the man in the fruit and vegetable department of the supermarket across the road, the manager confronted him, only to come face to face with the author of the books that had been signed.

The author was none other than best-selling horror writer, Stephen King.

Stephen King

Five of the books were given to community groups for fund-raising auctions, whilst the sixth was sold to the very observant customer.

Ms Ellis, the store manager, stated that “it was common for authors to visit the shop, check if their books are on the shelves and sign some copies”.


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