Glassheart by Katharine Orton – Book Review

Glassheart by Katharine Orton – Book Review

Glassheart by Katharine Orton


Author – Katharine Orton
Publisher – Walker Books
Pages – 336
Released – 5th November 2020
ISBN-13 – 978-1406385236
Format – ebook, paperback, audio
Rating – 4 Stars
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Through the glass, the magic is waiting…

Nona and her uncle travel everywhere together, replacing stained-glass windows in war-torn buildings. When a mysterious commission takes them to the lonely moors of Dartmoor, Nona discovers a wild and powerful magic which threatens everything. Can Nona protect those she loves – even if it means fighting darkness itself?

Review by Stacey

In Glassheart we find Nona, a young girl who was orphaned during the war and now lives with her ‘Uncle’, Antoni who is of Polish descent, and a stained glass glazier repairing windows in worn-torn buildings.

One night Nona overhears Antoni talking to someone but there is no-one there. That is until a face appears in a mirror but there is no body. After that night Antoni is in and out of a trance-like state and tells Nona that they have to repair some windows at an old church in the middle of nowhere in Dartmoor.

On arrival Nona isn’t so sure about the place, something is off, just like her Uncle. Can Nona work out what is happening and bring her Uncle back to the world?

Just like Katharine Orton’s first novel ‘Nevertell‘, Glassheart is a magical tale that merges the boundaries of real-life and a life beyond our world.

Nona is a lovely young girl who has been through so much in her short life. She is tough and won’t let anyone hurt the only person she has left in the world, her Uncle Antoni. If she has to fight an evil entity to do so then so be it.

The book is truly lovely, however, unlike Nevertell, this one took a little while to get going and become fully immersed in the good versus evil plot. It is adventurous, magical, mysterious, and exciting and will have the reader rooting for Nona hoping that she can find a way to be victorious, with a little help, especially from her new friend Castor, who is from beyond this realm. It It has a real atmospheric feel to it and hopefully will keep young readers engaged in a beautiful story.

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Author Info

Katharine Orton Glassheart

I was born in London and, after finishing a degree in English Literature and MA in Creative Writing, moved to Bristol. There I worked for children’s publisher Barefoot Books in Bath, as a copywriter, and then with stained glass – before leaving to focus on my young family and writing.

I wrote Nevertell while my son was at nursery and during his naptimes, and signed with my agent after taking part in the brilliant WoMentoring project. Much of my writing is inspired by folklore, fairy tales, and ghost stories. Both Nevertell and Glassheart are published by Walker Books.

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12 Responses

  1. The story sounds so very atmospheric!

  2. Lovely cover and the story itself sounds even lovelier.

  3. DJ Sakata says:

    This sounds lovely – you find such an interesting variety of choices

  4. Jo Linsdell says:

    Glassheart sounds like a nice read and the book design is lovely.

  5. vidya says:

    sounds so very interesting.. i love stories like this

  6. Robin Loves Reading says:

    Not my genre, but very good review.

  7. Thank you Karen for you comment, it really is.

  8. Thank you Kate for your comment, glad you like the sound of the book.

  9. Thank you DJ, The book certainly is interesting I can confirm.

  10. Thank you Jo for you comment, The book certainly is a lovely read.

  11. Thank you Vidya, Glad you find the book interesting.

  12. Thank you Robin for you comment, glad you liked our review.